Partner Activation

Welcome to the Partner Program! We're so glad you're here.
Complete these two steps to activate your partner status.

Step 1: Purchase Any HubSpot Product
10 minutes

To fully activate your partnership, you need to sign up for a license of at least one HubSpot’s Starter Products (Sales, Service or Marketing all count). This $50/month product also covers your support as a HubSpot partner. See a software demo here.  If you would prefer to use one of our Pro or Ent products, you can of course do so as well.

You do not need to purchase an product if you already have one. Please still watch the video to see how to upgrade a client and get the password for the final video.


Purchase Any Starter Product

Step 2: Register Leads in HubSpot CRM

5 minutes

Learning how to register leads within HubSpot is the only way to ensure eligibility for revenue share. Registering leads does not mean you're signing your client up for our software or that HubSpot will call your leads. It’s simply tagging the lead so HubSpot knows you’re working it.

Register your leads inside your CRM portal >>


Here's best practices to keep in mind:

1.  Register a lead BEFORE you set up your client or prospect with a free HubSpot account.

2.  Do not give up if you see 'lead unavailable.' If this happens, contact your growth coach right away. Often, you can still win commission.

3.  Registering a lead DOES NOT trigger any automated emails or calls from HubSpot. We will not call your leads when you register them.

What does a good fit prospect look like? Learn here. Have more questions? Here's more about lead registration + GDPR compliance. Here's a FAQ about lead registration.

Register a Lead

Step 3: Schedule a Call with Our Partner Team
30 minutes

Now, you're ready to continue moving forward with the partnership! Before your call, watch this to get off to a quick start:


Book a Meeting Here


Have a question?

Book a meeting with your Partner Development Manager. Or, shoot us an email at