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Switching from Salesforce to HubSpot

Thinking about making the switch to HubSpot? Want to get more out of your CRM and sales software? Here are the resources to help with your consideration.

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We’ve seen many scaling companies switch from Salesforce to HubSpot because they wanted to:

  • Operate in “minutes and hours” instead of “days and weeks”
  • Align sales, marketing, and service teams with access to data from one system
  • Improve adoption and usage across their teams for reliable data output
  • Set up new employees with helpful training, resources, and world-class support
  • Allow Ops and IT to spend more time on strategic, revenue-driving projects
  • Connect their business critical tools through HubSpot’s integrations and flexible API
  • For more details, read the comparison report

  • Switching software can be intimidating

    1. Why and How HubSpot migrated to HubSpot CRM-1

      Especially if you’re migrating tons of data from Salesforce. In fact, we felt the same way when HubSpot moved off of Salesforce to run 100% on HubSpot. But we switched in a way that had zero loss in productivity for our business. Plus, the benefits far outweighed the challenges. 

    Rest assured, we want you to have a seamless migration experience by minimizing costs and interruptions to your business. Our team consistently moves businesses from legacy software like Salesforce to HubSpot with minimal disruption by migrating in a phased approach while they have both systems turned on, leading to no loss in productivity. After all, you still have a business to run and goals to hit.

    100 employees? 1,000 employees? 10,000 employees?

    Switch to HubSpot knowing that the software will scale as your business grows.

    Enterprise-grade CRM Platform built for scaling companies

    HubSpot’s CRM Platform is built to flex to the way your business runs. With custom objects, field-level and team permissions, SSO, record customization, and more scalable features, you’ll be ready to embrace any growth.

    Extensive integration ecosystem and a flexible API

    There's no need to sacrifice using the tools that help you run your business. With over 500 integrations, you can connect your favorite tools to HubSpot. Plus, you can use HubSpot’s flexible API to quickly create a functional application or integration.

    Resources and training for new employees

    Growing your team doesn't mean growing your training curriculum. HubSpot includes 24/7 support for every user, free software certifications and courses in HubSpot Academy, and a knowledge base that can get your team up to speed promptly.  

    Ready to migrate your business when you are

    It can be difficult to figure out where to start, how to measure impact, and how to see results quickly. Our team of HubSpot experts will start with your business’s goals to ensure we customize migration for your success. We also recommend using HubSpot’s Salesforce CRM integration to understand data mapping and transfer to HubSpot.

    Quick time to value

    Our migration approach provides quick time to value while reducing the risk of deploying the full system. We typically see most businesses complete their migration process within three months. We’ll also ensure you have a plan to drive behavior change. What good is software if your team doesn’t use it?

    Minimal disruption and no data loss

    We take a careful approach to migrating to ensure your data stays intact and clean, and you don’t lose historical records. We’ll make it easy to import your records and recreate your data, automation, reports, and more.

    The five phases of switching

    Each phase of your journey comes with an associated plan and timeline, during which we work with your team or partners every step of the way.

    Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 2.41.01 PM

    Here’s what your plan could look like

    same migration from salesforce

    The process to migrate your data


    1) Define which data (leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, etc.) should be moved into HubSpot.
    2) Build new properties in HubSpot.
    3) Export data from current platform into .csv and clean. Use our native Salesforce integration to automate the migration. If your data is too complex or custom, our APIs or 3rd party integrators can help.


    1) Re-define your technical architecture, eliminating and consolidating where possible.
    2) Connect your critical business applications using one of over 500 pre-built connectors from our marketplace.
    3) If we don’t have the pre-built integration you need, use our API library to build your own.


    1) Document automation and workflows like your deal automation, nurture follow up, and fulfillment.
    2) Re-think, simplify and optimize the design of how these should be set up in HubSpot.
    3) Re-build automation in HubSpot’s Workflow tool.


    1) Inventory all active reports in the current tool.
    2) Define future state reporting needs, consolidating where possible.
    3) Select out of the box reports that meet your needs, modify if necessary. Build custom reports to fill any gaps

    How we’ll get there

    There’s a few options available to ensure you have a successful migration.

    HubSpot Led

    We provide best practices and recommend an overall solution design. We migrate needed assets, while you perform set up, configuration, and integration activities.

    Partner Led

    A partner recommends an overall solution design and sets it up. The partner teaches and trains you to support the system. Explore the HubSpot solutions directory to find a solutions partner or solutions provider.


    HubSpot provides best practices and recommends an overall solution design. You and your partner deliver specific project activities and the remainder of the work. 

    Your pre-purchase checklist

    We recommend considering the following items to prepare for your HubSpot implementation. Our team can walk you through the process.

      1. Review & document your existing sales processes
      2. Record your existing system: records, integrations, workflows and automation, lead assignment rules, views, dashboards, and reports
      3. Prepare your data by merging and eliminating stale or out of date records & underutilized fields
      4. Upskill your team on HubSpot product knowledge by completing the free HubSpot Sales Software Certification
      5. Start developing a change management and communication plan

    Your success is our success

    1. What you get with HubSpot

      Once your transition is complete, your journey with HubSpot is far from over. We’re here to guide you as you grow and scale. Our customer success program focuses on providing the following:

      • Answer your questions and provide best practices
      • Provide strategy and recommendations for you on how to grow with HubSpot
      • Best in class enablement resources to ensure continuous learning

    What are customers saying?

    HubSpot’s CRM Platform consistently ranks as a top performer for enterprise, mid-market, and SMB businesses by over 6,000 user reviews on G2.

    • Leader_Enterprise
    • BestUsability_Fall
    • BestResults
    • EasiestAdmin_Fall
    • MostImplementable_Fall
    1. salesforce vs hubspot

      Customers rate HubSpot as being easy to set up and use

      HubSpot is rated higher for ease of use, set up, admin, and quality of support compared to Salesforce on G2.

    • We were a Salesforce-heavy organization and recently made the switch to HubSpot’s Sales Hub Enterprise. It’s an out-of-the-box solution that’s easy to use and intuitive, while also offering powerful automation tools and robust reporting. With HubSpot, we can see the complete lifecycle of a customer from lead to close, and our teams can own the customizations needed to get their job done. We have had 100% user adoption and couldn’t be happier.
    • Don't let your users today influence your decision. I had a team of seasoned sales rep very comfortable with Salesforce and adamant that this was a bad move. After 3 months they started to see the benefits and now more than 2 years later they are still finding things they love about HubSpot and it is truly allowing them to do more with less time.

      Ashley Neu

      Director of Sales and Marketing

      Phoenix TS, Contractor Training, Mid-Market (51 -1,000 emp.)

    • HubSpot can be administered in-house without third-party developers or consultants. The combination of the knowledge base, HubSpot Academy, and online support make it so that in-house admins have a ton of self-serve support...Less than a year in, we've got buy-in from the entire team and we've armed our sales directors with real data and dashboards to use for managing the growth.

      Brandon Stewart

      Marketing Content Manager

      Hamilton Company, Biotechnology, Mid-Market (501-1,000 emp.)

    • We switched to HubSpot about 3 years ago. Salesforce was just too difficult to make do what we want without pricey consultants, whereas HubSpot was easy and intuitive out of the box...It is so much cheaper and easier to use than Salesforce, which means people actually use it!

      Beth Morgan


      TrueData, IT & Services, SMB (11- 50 emp.)

    • Transitioning systems took little to almost no effort and within two months we had full team adoption of the new system. We were able to bring all the marketing support in-house without adding to our team’s capacity and for the first time we could manage and measure the end-to-end customer journey across all our paid and organic marketing channels and follow them through the sales process. With a system that makes it so easy for us to manage an integrated sales and marketing strategy we are now able to look at more complex, ‘higher level’ strategies and channels with the support of all the HubSpot tools, training and support materials available.

      Erin Shepherd

      Head of Global Marketing

      ROBO Global, Financial Services, SMB (11 - 50 emp.)

    Frequently asked questions

    • No. HubSpot’s award-winning customer support is included in your HubSpot package. Users of Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise have access to email and additional in-app support options, plus phone support. Users of Sales Hub Starter have access to email and additional in-app support options. All Sales Hub users (free and paid) can access the HubSpot Community for support. The mission of this community is to provide customers with a channel to ask questions, find answers, and engage with professionals from around the world on HubSpot best practices.

    • Yes. To ensure you get value from the tools quickly, we require onboarding for HubSpot packages. There’s a one-time onboarding fee for Sales Hub Onboarding depending on your package. We’ll help you set up Sales Hub and provide advice on using it to simplify and scale your sales process. See a sample Sales Hub onboarding plan
    • Yes. You have the option to upgrade your plan with premium services for expert help and guidance. HubSpot’s professional services are designed to help you during every step of your growth journey. We offer a full suite of training, consulting, and technical services so you can maximize your results with HubSpot. Learn more
    • The time it takes to complete migration depends on your involvement and speed in migrating systems. We typically see companies who are focused on migrating complete the transition within three months. This may take longer depending on your migration and implementation approach. Either way, we can discuss what’s best for your business once you give us a call. 
    • Yes. We recommend using our Salesforce CRM integration to import records from Salesforce to HubSpot. Once you purchase HubSpot, we will walk you through the process of transferring data and provide you with a plan to migrate your data that’s customized to your goals and business. You can also work with one of our expert solutions partners to help.
    • Yes. We have certified partners who have years of experience migrating businesses from Salesforce to HubSpot. Explore the HubSpot solutions directory to find a solutions partner or solutions provider that suites your needs. 

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