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How 6clicks Achieved 806% Growth with HubSpot

6clicks, a leading player disrupting the global GRC software market, transformed its global operations by replacing disparate systems with HubSpot. Founder and CEO Anthony Stevens shares insights on seamless onboarding, aligned sales operations, and efficient content management, highlighting HubSpot as the catalyst for their streamlined growth and future-focused strategy.

  • 806% growth supported by the HubSpot platform

  • 1000+ Customers managed end-to-end across the globe


6clicks is a Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC) platform to help companies with cybersecurity, ESG, compliance, risk management and audit that’s powered by AI and is designed for both for businesses and advisors. Founded in 2019, 6clicks currently operates across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, EU and the Americas, India, the US and the UK.


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    Disparate systems and inefficient processes

    In the ever-evolving landscape of governance and compliance, 6clicks has emerged as a leading player, providing innovative solutions through their governance and compliance software powered by artificial intelligence. With operations spanning across Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, 6clicks needed a platform that could support their business as it scaled. 

    After struggling with disparate systems across Pipedrive, WordPress, Squarespace and spreadsheets, it was time to make a change that optimised for efficiency. With extensive experience in CRM implementation, 6clicks’ Founder and CEO, Anthony Stevens, wanted a more integrated tech stack that would provide the infrastructure they needed, and allow for the creation of standard operating procedures. Reflecting on this journey, Anthony says it was this focus on a single platform that led the team to HubSpot, a decision that was clinched by the example HubSpot had set in building "a serviceable and scalable business model" on their own platform. Fast forward to today, and 6clicks have adopted all five Hubs in HubSpot’s product suite.


    Seamless Onboarding and Aligned Sales Operations 

    HubSpot quickly became the linchpin of 6clicks' global operations. After a smooth onboarding, training, and upskilling processes, it has been leveraging the full suite of products that leads Anthony to refer to HubSpot as ‘the platform to grow with’. One major way he has seen this, is through the support of 6clicks’ two GTM motions of partners and resellers. Using customised sales pipelines, they’ve then built out custom properties, automation and playbooks that allow for repeatable and consistent processes within the team. 


    Synchronised messaging and efficient content management

    The messaging and conversations within the process are also reflected in the marketing side of things with the website being managed directly in HubSpot. With a lot of content to update, being able to leverage HubDB has changed the game. HubDB is HubSpot’s relational database that allows you to create tables with flexible schema to store data you can use on your website pages and for 6clicks this has helped with consistency, and allowed them to make necessary changes so much more efficiently. Just over six months into their implementation of HubDB, Anthony reflects that he ‘wishes we’d done that years ago’. As they look towards the future, the 6clicks focus is on continual growth and efficiency. They plan to evaluate new features in e-commerce, SMS, AI, and enhanced reporting offered by HubSpot to continue their journey of growth and scale.

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    ‘HubSpot is at the core of the way we operate, and I wish we’d done it earlier’
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