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Reposit Power's Transformation: Scaling Efficiency, Restructuring Distribution, and Achieving 50x Sales Growth with HubSpot

Reposit Power, a trailblazer in the Australian energy market, partnered with HubSpot to future-proof their tech stack and redefine their distribution model. From content marketing insights to streamlined sales processes, Reposit Power leverages HubSpot's platform to achieve a 50x increase in sales calls, implement an efficient workflow engine, and sustain a remarkable 15% month-to-month growth rate

  • 50x Increase In Sales Activity

  • 3:1 Lifetime Value (LTV): Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Reposit Power

Reposit Power is an electricity management software changing the Australian energy landscape. Their core product ‘No Bill’ guarantees that 100% of customer electricity bills are covered for 7 years - despite any future electricity-rate increases.


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    Future-proofing the tech stack and restructuring their distribution process. 

    Reposit Power, an innovative player in the Australian energy market, started its journey with HubSpot in pursuit of a scalable and efficient solution to support their unique solar alternative to traditional electricity for Australian households. The decision to partner with HubSpot wasn't just a software switch; it was a strategic move inspired by the need for future-proofing.

    Like many businesses, the expertise within Reposit Power lay in their product areas, but they were having trouble cracking their distribution model. After five years of relying on selling through the companies that would install solar power, they wanted to take back control around their product narrative and positioning. Speaking with Dean Spaccavento, Reposit Power’s Co-Founder and CEO, he shared that he had heard HubSpot’s CMO Kipp Bodnar speak and found him very inspiring. This coupled with the thought leadership and enablement available for the HubSpot platform clinched the move away from the Sugar and Streak CRMs, and into HubSpot which Dean was confident would provide the platform and guidance for Reposit’s next phase of growth.


    New market positioning, a centralised platform and a 50x increase in sales calls 

    While Dean acknowledged that they didn’t join HubSpot with a fully-fleshed vision of what their tech stack and infrastructure should look like, he credits the HubSpot platform with helping the business get to where it is today. They launched straight into content marketing to position Reposit Power as co-suppliers alongside the installer in order to build direct consumer relationships. To do this, they began focusing on building a strong blog presence and a structured sales funnel to support leads that came in. Once this was set up and running in 2019, what they realised from the full funnel conversion metrics available in HubSpot was that they didn’t actually have a great alignment with the market needs based on their current product and positioning. Dean recalls that “until [we] started seeing the data in HubSpot, we didn’t know this so HubSpot changed everything”. 

    Over the next 18 months the team shifted to sell their current No Bill product which is now a major part of their revenue model. Using a lot of the built-in elements of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, the team put the time and effort into researching their core personas, and applying a data-centric mindset to their holistic marketing approach.

    As time has passed, Reposit Power has expanded their HubSpot product suite and now the entire customer funnel is managed out of the HubSpot platform, using deals and ticket pipelines to manage the entire sales and implementation process. This process runs across 4 teams, upwards of 20 individual steps and multiple interdependencies within it. Dean refers to it as “an increasingly efficient workflow engine”. It is important for him to be able to track the overarching metrics that evaluate how efficiently things are performing over time as the business continues to grow and scale. Metrics such as ticket volume, time to close, and current queue volume are essential here - “I couldn’t do it without HubSpot”, Dean reflects.

    Reposit Power have also brought their website into the HubSpot CMS so they can manage everything without having to jump between systems. As a small team, this kind of efficiency is essential, not just from a workflow perspective, but for the transparency. “HubSpot’s reporting allows for a full 360-degree view of what is happening at all stages of the business ,and there is no way that information transfer [between systems] can slow down the outcome and efficiency of the processes” says Dean. Currently the business is growing and scaling at a rate of 15% month-to-month. With this kind of growth, there is no luxury to be adding in extra complexity that will disrupt the process for the teams. Dean and the team have kept this mindset core to their day-to-day operations, and how they evaluate their infrastructure. “As soon as there is unnecessary complexity, scaling stops. You need to push towards simplicity in the middle of chaos and to do this, we are absolutely committed to scaling through automation and not through growing our headcount at the same rate as our customer growth” says Dean, reiterating his belief that HubSpot tools and transparency when it comes to measuring  performance give them the clear indicators they need to be managing the growth they’re seeing. 


    Improved Metrics & Increased Sales Performance

    In terms of metrics that have distinctly improved, this sits squarely in the sales team. Reposit's success metrics tell a story of growth rooted in practical improvements. The sales team, now armed with HubSpot, monitors calls, conversion rates, and meeting attendance meticulously. “I could measure things down to an hourly rate if I wanted to ... and then continue measuring that all the way down the funnel, seeing the changes over time” says Dean. The increase from 20 calls to a staggering 1000 per week and a surge in sales meetings from 6 to 40 per week speaks volumes. 

    The key tools and features facilitating this growth include pipelines, ticketing, and service functionalities. Reposit credits the pain-free setup and quick turnaround (3 weeks) for their ability to rejuvenate sales processes and increase monthly sales from 2 to 35 within five weeks. Beyond the setup, HubSpot has provided a scaling platform for the sales growth that followed. 

    While HubSpot has been a consistent presence in the business since the shift to content marketing and the No Bill product, Dean acknowledges that “there is no way we would have been able to sustain this volume without the pipeline set up the way that it is”.

    As soon as there’s complexity, scaling stops. You need to push towards simplicity in the middle of chaos. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the infrastructure we have in HubSpot
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