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TimeLog Builds Cross-team Alignment With HubSpot

TimeLog was using several different tools for sales, marketing, service, and operations. They had no way to cross-report for different departments, and collaboration was limited. With HubSpot, TimeLog was able to bring all RevOps teams onto a single platform, leading to better insights and more strategic decision-making.


TimeLog is the leading PSA software system designed especially for consulting businesses.


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    Moving away from Zendesk 

    As the Head of Revenue Operations and Sales Development for TimeLog,  Lucaas Taxgaard is always looking for better ways to optimize the company’s sales processes.

    After all, time management and workflow optimization is a big part of what TimeLog, a Professional Services Automation (PSA) software provider, is all about. 

    Unfortunately, the company had outgrown the legacy Zendesk package they were using for customer service, as well as R&D. They had issues getting data from the CRM in Zendesk, which made it difficult to trust reporting and forecasting. “There were some limitations in the package we had, especially when it came to reporting,” Lucaas says. “We wanted a more advanced tool that could accommodate the processes of the entire team.” 

    Consolidating their tech stack

    In addition to Zendesk for ticketing and spreadsheets for operations and sales, TimeLog was already using Marketing Hub Pro and Sales Hub Pro, as well as InfiniGrow for data tracking and reporting outside of Zendesk. They used Google Analytics for additional insights, as well as LinkedIn’s native reporting tools for their marketing efforts there. “It was all spread out,” Lucaas says. “We couldn’t see everything in one place.”

    To fuel growth, the company needed to consolidate reporting and marketing onto a single tool connected with their sales, service and operations efforts to gain better insights into the entire customer journey.

    The best solution for their needs? The full HubSpot Enterprise CRM platform. 
    “The smooth integration between HubSpot products gave us the opportunity to combine all activities in one joined system,” Lucaas says.

    Building a source of truth 

    With the full HubSpot CRM platform, TimeLog built a single source of truth and improved collaboration across all teams. “With HubSpot, we get one place of truth, but we also get a central place to collaborate. We can communicate within one tool and make sure that we don’t miss out on data,” Lucaas says.

    Switching to HubSpot has also increased their ability to optimize their customer journey. “The insight and understanding of the funnel has increased dramatically,” Lucaas says. “Now we can go into a single tool and understand the whole customer journey and the actual value of a lead converting from each campaign.”

    Sales and marketing upgrades 

    As part of their consolidation efforts, TimeLog added CMS Hub and upgraded Sales and Marketing Hub to Enterprise plans. After only a few months, the increased functionality of the higher tier is already making a significant difference for both teams.

    The marketing team loves HubSpot’s campaign tools: “We are currently using HubSpot to plan our campaigns for the year. We can easily go in and find statistics for current and past campaigns all on one page, and compare all of those to each other.” Lucaas says.

    The sales team has gotten a lot of value out of customer journey reports, which have given them deeper insights into conversion rates and understand the impact of every interaction a contact has with TimeLog.

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    New products, new opportunities 

    Adding the Service and Operations Hubs to has also created lots of new opportunities for TimeLog, even though they are still early in their implementation. “Operations Hub has played a major factor in ensuring better data quality,” Lucaas says. “It gives us the chance to extract data from other systems into HubSpot workflows.”

    Adding Operations Hub has made integrations smoother. “We can now pull from external data sources, which is very useful,” Lucaas says. “The native Vainu integration is one of the most valuable for us, in addition to the integrations we’ve built into our own system.”

    The feedback from the customer service team—who recently implemented Service Hub—has also been very positive. “They are really excited to have the CRM connected to the ticket system and actually being able to find information and see historical conversations between customers, account executives and sales development,” Lucaas adds. “It’s a game changer, and it’s going to change their way of working.”

    Lucaas TimeLog
    “Having one place to collaborate as a company is going to have a great impact on our business. We can communicate more easily. Whenever one person does something, it will impact others. But if we do it right, the impact will be positive.”
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