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Banca Aidexa: A Revolution in SME Lending. Obtain Financing in Just 48 Hours Thanks to AI and Processes Integrated with HubSpot

Leveraging their partnership with Exelab to optimize the implementation of HubSpot, Banca Aidexa has successfully established a data and process infrastructure. This robust system is instrumental in optimally managing client relationships and maximizing the effectiveness of marketing, sales, and customer service activities.


Banca Aidexa, an innovative fintech startup founded in 2020, specializes in financing SMEs with turnovers under 10 million euros.


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    The Challenge and Goals

    AideXa Bank has introduced a new loan disbursement process for small and medium-sized Italian businesses, significantly reducing wait times and simplifying the credit application procedure. Unlike traditional methods, where credit professionals spend weeks or months evaluating funding requests, Banca Aidexa uses open banking and artificial intelligence to provide a real-time response.

    To secure funding, companies can log onto the corporate website and connect their accounts, allowing the bank to analyze the data quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its data analysis capabilities, the bank is able to provide a response within approximately 20 minutes and disburse the requested credit in just 48 hours. This process has been designed to be simple and easily adopted by small businesses.

    However, simplifying the client-side process hides a very complex challenge for Aidexa. The confirmation of loan disbursement involves several players, including the Bank of Italy and CRIF, and compliance with regulations requires structured and complex processes. For this reason, Aidexa has equipped itself with innovative tools to offer an impeccable user experience to small and medium-sized Italian businesses.

    The Solution

    HubSpot was selected as the CRM tool to manage all business processes. Exelab, the chosen HubSpot partner specialized in enterprise system integration, guided every process phase, from configuration to full integration with the company's internal and external resources. The choice of a comprehensive solution like HubSpot has enabled linking all data within a single control platform.

    From the very beginning, Exelab has provided support to Banca AideXa in the definition and structuring of internal processes, as well as in evaluating their effectiveness, prior to their implementation within HubSpot to enhance efficiency and scalability. The integration of HubSpot into the company was conducted progressively, adopting an agile approach that enabled AideXa's personnel to test and refine processes to achieve the most functional configuration.

    AideXa has achieved excellent performance thanks to the use of HubSpot and its full integration with the complex ecosystem of processes, data, and tools typical of the financial sector.

    Key Points

    The project kicked off at the end of 2021 and saw the implementation of various technological solutions capable of simplifying and improving the customer experience. AideXa was able to take full advantage of HubSpot's potential to manage and monitor the entire customer onboarding process.

    Thanks to the integration of automation logic, AideXa's customer service team was able to efficiently monitor the progress of customer requests and communicate promptly during the onboarding process. Additionally, a personalized communication system for managing renewals was implemented. This system allows AideXa to identify loyal customers and offer them new financing products.

    Tracking the customer onboarding process within HubSpot 

    The key initial goal of AideXa was to monitor and manage the entire onboarding process for companies seeking credit access. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to use a well-configured CRM tool integrated with other company applications.
    Thanks to the creation of this infrastructure, the work of the teams involved in the different stages has been greatly simplified, and the conversion rate has increased significantly thanks to complete control of the progress of practices and immediate communication to customers in case of any hitches during the onboarding process.

    Automation of communications targeted at users

    The AideXa onboarding process, integrated into HubSpot, allows for storing a large amount of data, which is managed in compliance with GDPR regulations. This data is used to send targeted communications to users, both during the onboarding process and to communicate the approval or non-approval of the loan and the reasons that led to such an outcome, as well as to provide all necessary assistance to customers at any stage of the customer journey. Thanks to the use of HubSpot's marketing automation tools, AideXa can manage communications in a highly personalized and automated way.

    Centralized customer support management

    Within the centralized system in HubSpot, the use of a single tool for managing assistance requests related to the onboarding phase, both from customers and partners, was a fundamental aspect. In addition, the "Meeting" function of HubSpot was configured within the system, which allows managing the booking of appointments for information requests on financing.

    Thanks to this centralized solution, customers and partners can benefit from a complete and integrated assistance experience, contributing to consolidate their trust in the quality of the services offered by the company.

    HubSpot, an ideal tool and Exelab, a professional partner, expertly guide us in choosing complex tech solutions with a customer-oriented approach from start to finish.

    Jason Boon

    Chief Digital Marketing

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