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Ardigen automates deal closing with HubSpot

See how Ardigen utilizes HubSpot Sales Hub to automate their sales process with a new data management strategy, saving 10 hours/month per salesperson on offer generation.

  • 15% of data recording fully automated

  • 85% of data points collected per month organized and error-proofed

  • 10h month/person saved on manual data input and calculations


Ardigen partners with biotech and pharma companies, offering platforms that translate complex biological data into actionable insights. Through advanced solutions AI and data science solutions, they assist researchers in revolutionizing personalized medicine and targeted therapies.


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    Since implementing a tailored data management strategy in HubSpot Sales Hub and setting up new marketing channels and tools with HubSpot Marketing Hub, Ardigen has simplified the sales process–from lead generation to deal closing. The updated system saves time on tedious, repetitive tasks and redirects the sales teams’ attention from paperwork to customer-oriented, added-value work.

    Unlocking sales teams’ potential with automated data management

    HubSpot CRM allowed the development of a workflows-based solution that organized human resource data within a clear and structured space. Custom Objects tool was used to build a seamless offer-building process that automatically calculates rates and deals based on 90 different combinations of sales data.

    With 15% of sales-related data points fully automated, accurate reporting and tracking changes require zero input from the team. Ardigen managed to simplify and reduce the sales process from 11 to 7 steps, shortening the sales cycle. After a successful data management strategy implementation, the sales professionals spend less time entering data manually, saving 10 hours/month on generating offers alone.

    Laying the groundwork for effective lead generation

    HubSpot Marketing Hub enabled seamless marketing database migration from the previous CRM platform. With all necessary data in one place, a new email marketing system and tracking analytics were set up to systemize the lead generation process. Now, Ardigen uses dedicated product and landing page templates, an integrated 3rd party webinar system, and social media management tools to create and distribute content directly within HubSpot.

    Łukasz Nowak, Chief Operating Officer, Ardigen

    "The dynamic expansion of Ardigen's global sales team required a modern, scalable, and customizable CRM system to accommodate growth, help align sales and marketing operations, and easily adapt to a rapidly growing organization's changing requirements. With help from 6Minded, we found Hubspot to be a good fit for us and are now happy to use it to grow our business."

    "Hubspot has a rich and intuitive out-of-the-box functionality, but each business has specific requirements. Thanks to 6Minded, we get the best out of Hubspot and tailor it to Ardigen’s needs to streamline the marketing and sales and integrate it with financial and operational planning, which is critical for a services company."

    After implementing the new data management strategy and applying HubSpot workflows-based solution, Ardigen streamlined and automated key elements of its sales process.


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