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Prowly's Journey with HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub

After implementing HubSpot Marketing and Sales hub, Prowly managed to cut 80% of the time for manual tasks, create one source of truth for analytics, and improved their productivity and efficiency of marketing and sales campaigns.

  • 80% Decrease in handling manual tasks

  • 80% Less time needed to build demand generation campaigns


Prowly is a SaaS platform that helps public relations professionals save time on everyday tasks, reach more journalists, and report on brand performance. For the past 10 years, this PR tool has been used by over 7,000 customers from more than 70 countries. The platform provides access to a media database of more than one million journalists, press release creation, a pitching tool, advanced media monitoring and coverage reporting. Prowly was acquired by Semrush, a leading online visibility management SaaS platform in 2020.


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    The Challenges Prowly Faced Before HubSpot

    Before implementing HubSpot, Prowly’s sales and marketing teams had to collect lots of data manually. This was a challenge, especially in a rapidly growing company with a focus on delivering top-quality services to PR specialists.

    Sales Challenges:

    Missing Data: Prowly’s sales team often missed out on crucial client information and data-filled analytics about leads and customers. Since they focused on personalized interactions and providing tailored services, obtaining this data without a tool like HubSpot was ineffective.

    Tracking Complexity: It was a constant struggle to track the progress of specific contacts and identify the next steps in their engagement. This lack of visibility hindered the sales team’s ability to nurture leads effectively.

    Transparent Data Analysis: The lack of easily accessible data, especially regarding marketing activities, made it difficult to prepare for demo calls and fully understand the prospects’ needs. Prowly wanted a tool that would organize data in a clear way for faster and more efficient analysis.

    Marketing Challenges:

    Quantitative Assessment: Prowly’s marketing team also faced difficulties in analyzing data and understanding user behavior, which is essential for optimizing marketing campaigns.

    Landing Page Creation and Conversion Rate on Landing Pages: Additionally, building effective landing pages that convert visitors into leads was time-consuming since Prowly needed constant support from developers and designers. It was challenging to create pages that resonated with the audience and effectively communicated Prowly’s offerings.

    Maciej Wroblewski, Head of Marketing at Prowly, says “Our primary focus was on improving the Conversion Rate (CR%) on our landing pages. We understood that this metric was crucial for gauging the effectiveness of our content and its ability to turn visitors into valuable leads. Increasing the CR% was not just a goal, but a necessity for driving our campaigns to success”

    “By partnering with HubSpot, we embarked on a journey to address these challenges and boost our performance”.

    The Turning Point: HubSpot

    Recognizing these challenges, Prowly embarked on a transformative journey with HubSpot. “This collaboration offered us the solutions to our pain points. The HubSpot platform provided a comprehensive toolkit for data management and analysis, landing page creation, and workflow management” explains Maciej.

    Tactics and Features Implemented with HubSpot:

    Prowly embraced a comprehensive approach to leverage HubSpot's suite of tools. These specific tactics were instrumental in addressing challenges and driving success.

    Utilizing HubSpot's Reporting Tool:

    In marketing, knowledge is power. Prowly made HubSpot's reporting tool the primary source of truth. This tool empowered teams to gather valuable insights, analyze data, and make informed decisions. It became the cornerstone of the data-driven approach, enabling them to refine their marketing strategies and deliver more effective campaigns.

    Leveraging Landing Pages with a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner:

    The utilization of landing pages was a game-changer for the marketing efforts. With the assistance of NNC Services agency, a certified HubSpot partner, Prowly’s marketing team not only adopted landing pages but also transformed design limitations into design opportunities. NNC played a pivotal role in crafting compelling web designs, which were seamlessly integrated into HubSpot. This collaboration allowed them to create visually appealing and high-converting landing pages that resonated with the target audience.

    Embracing Automation in Sales and Operations

    To solve data challenges, Prowly’s sales and operational teams implemented a series of automated processes in Hubspot to ensure that all data is correctly mapped for any new customer. With the help of NNC Services, they defined a series of automated deal creation and property setup workflows, allowing the sales teams to focus on the opportunities that require customized offers while the system takes care of all the self-sign-ups in the background. At the same time, Prowly’s team adopted a series of other workflows to automate tasks that were previously done manually by the team.  

    About NNC Services 

    NNC Services is a Hubspot Gold Partner. Prowly and NNC Agency started their collaboration at the beginning of 2022, intending to audit the existing processes and reorganize the system. After the audit, they continued collaboration to support Prowly with an expert opinion on the best options to implement and identify places for improvement in the system. The support provided varied depending on the internal priorities, but it covered any request from email templates or landing pages creation, to granular investigations in the system or implementing complex processes for sales or marketing. 

    Results and Achievements: 

    Launching High-Performing Landing Pages

    One of the key achievements was the successful launch of multiple landing pages, all seamlessly integrated within the HubSpot environment. “This strategic move enabled us to track user interactions with more precision, simplifying the entire process. These landing pages became the digital storefronts of our marketing campaigns, effectively capturing the attention of our target audience” says Maciej.

    Improved Conversion Rates (CR%):

    A notable KPI that witnessed significant enhancement was the Conversion Rate (CR%). “With HubSpot and NNC’s support, our CR% showed impressive results, especially in scenarios where the contact was already in our database. HubSpot's feature of prefilling forms built trust among our audience, encouraging them to sign up for events, reports, and other valuable content” says Maciej. Based on this experience, Maciej would surely recommend HubSpot to others:

    HubSpot is our all-in-one platform for all needs in sales, marketing, and customer support. Thanks to its flexibility and automation capabilities, we've successfully streamlined and automated a significant portion of our processes. This not only enhances efficiency but also eliminates the need for manual interventions. HubSpot has provided us with peace of mind and saved us hours of work that would have otherwise been spent on manual tasks. The impact of this streamlined approach has been transformative, allowing us to focus on strategic initiatives and provide our PR specialists with top-quality content. We couldn't be more satisfied with the results.

    Maciej Wroblewski

    Head of Marketing

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