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Cloudify Increases Leads by 70% With HubSpot

Software cloud orchestration company Cloudify was looking for a better way to nurture its target clients through the funnel. Its search for an all-in-one solution led it to HubSpot. Since signing up, it has boosted leads by 70% and the company has grown rapidly.

  • 70% Increase in Leads

  • 70% increase in conversion rate

  • 600 new leads per month


Cloudify is an open source software cloud orchestration product created by GigaSpaces Technologies. It enables users to configure, deploy, manage, scale and heal applications on all the major IaaS platforms, including OpenStack, AWS, VMware, Azure and Google Cloud.


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    A New Way to Turn Visitors Into Leads

    Cloudify helps large enterprises and telcos to make smarter business and IT decisions. It was already getting plenty of visitors to its website, but it wanted to start turning more of them into qualified leads. However, it found it was wasting time on manual tasks, and the collection of online tools it was using didn’t work well together, says Ilan Adler, the company’s marketing data analyst.

    “We had MailChimp for email marketing, as well as MixPanel and LeadLander for analytics, but they weren’t giving us the results we needed. We wanted an easy, effective way to automate our processes, and so began our search for an all-one-solution.”

    The company evaluated Marketo, Pardot and the HubSpot software, taking trials of all three. After an evaluation period and discussions with its sales team, the HubSpot software emerged as the clear winner.

    “It was super-easy to set up and intuitive to use, nothing was too technical. The learning curve wasn’t steep, and yet the platform was powerful enough to do everything we wanted. It just made the most sense for us, and we signed up in January 2016.”

    A Bird’s Eye View On the Entire Funnel

    Cloudify has an impressive library of content, including ebooks, whitepapers, webinars and podcasts, and it used the HubSpot software to leverage it to its best advantage. It added Calls-to-Action and Smart Forms, so that it could progressively gather information on its visitors and leads.

    “That helped us build up our Contacts Database, which we segmented into Lists depending on their interests and stage in the pipeline. We could then set up more targeted Workflows and nurture our different groups with relevant Emails and content offers.”

    The company is a HubSpot growth stack customer, using a combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software.

    “The CRM gives us a unified point of view over everything, from how a lead comes to the website to what they download to how they interact with us,” explains Ilan.

    Our salespeople are now having more informed conversations with their leads, and they use the sales software to schedule their follow-ups at the just the right time. They are big fans of the Prospects tool, which detects the IP addresses of each visitor and then provides information such as their company name, location, the number of times they visited and the pages they viewed.

    “We also use the Reporting Add-On, which allows both the marketing and sales teams to see all of the metrics they are accountable for at a glance. It allows us to dig even deeper into what’s working and what isn’t. We can create custom reports on virtually any metric – it saves a lot of time, and that’s a big plus for us.”

    A Convincing Conversion Rate

    Since partnering with HubSpot, Cloudify has achieved its goal of turning more of its visitors into qualified leads. Its conversion rate is up by 70%, and it typically generates 600 new leads every month.

    Looking ahead, Ilan says that the company wants to bring its product to more and more people and so grow its client base.

    “The potential customers are out there, and our mission is to make them aware of the unique advantages that Cloudify can offer them. We want to get all the relevant information in front of them, and the HubSpot software is key to that plan.”

    He would recommend it to any other B2B company that wants to starting converting more opportunities.

    “We have just renewed our contract! The HubSpot software aligns with our goals, and the support we’ve gotten along the way has been great. They understand our business objectives and are quick to point out new features and new ways of doing things. We’re delighted with our choice.”

    • ilan-adler.jpg
      The HubSpot software had all the features we needed to implement the inbound methodology in a highly effective way.

      Ilan Adler

      Marketing Data Analyst


    • We’re able to get deeper insights into where and why our visitors convert, and that is invaluable to us.

      - Ilan Adler

    • We are committed to scaling our business, and the HubSpot software is helping us do just that.

      - Ilan Adler

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