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ConstructConnect Automates High-Converting Flywheel Content Across 8 Subsidiaries with Operations Hub

ConstructConnect is using Operations Hub to create groundbreaking personalized experiences. They’ve automated flows across 8 brands, driven up to 300% more conversions in various funnels, and are developing new workflows 99% faster.

  • 8 subsidiaries connected

  • 300% increase in conversions in certain funnels

  • 99% less time spent developing workflows


ConstructConnect simplifies the preconstruction process in North America. Their mobile platform boasts specialty bidding tools and over 65,000 data sources to help construction businesses grow.


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    A Scattered Brand Experience

    ConstructConnect is a powerhouse software solution, having acquired and connected eight of the leading tools for pre-construction operations.

    The acquisitions had brought enormous brand power, but also posed a problem.

    Each subsidiary was still leveraging their own marketing tools, creating a clunky cross-brand experience. It was impossible to manage all of the properties efficiently.

    VP Product Marketing and Innovation Alfredo Narez had a vision to merge the brands with a flywheel of personalized content.

    “I wanted to build a smooth conversation that guided prospects from discovering one of our sub-brands, to activating with ConstructConnect, and growing with us year by year.”

    Complex Customer Journeys

    Not only did ConstructConnect encompass many brands, but it also served different customer types.

    From general contractors and trades to suppliers and manufacturers, each persona had their own needs and pain points.

    It would take a high-powered platform to unify all nine websites and let Alfredo automate relevant and responsive journeys for each use case.

    He says, “We would need to track a lot of different data points to build those experiences and make sure we were optimizing them.”

    To power his complex flywheel and enable cross-property workflows, Alfredo moved all nine brands onto HubSpot CMS and Marketing Hubs.

    Never-Been-Done Implementation

    “We quickly realized that creating this kind of complex customer journey required us to push the boundaries with the tech,” Alfredo says. 

    The task of synching, integrating, and responding to so many different platforms could only be done with custom development.

    “We needed core experts who could help us develop features and functionality beyond what was on the shelf,” he says.

    That’s why he added Operations Hub and engaged consultants through HubSpot Professional Services and Solutions Partners.

    Coordinated Branding and Data 

    Alfredo’s first step was to migrate the websites for all nine brands to CMS Hub.

    “We had eight different subsidiary brands, each with their own website, plus the core ConstructConnect site,” he says. “HubSpot let us bridge the brands with a consistent template, so we didn’t have to create nine brand new sites.”

    The move also unlocked major visibility and CRO opportunities.

    “We now have one token across all the different sites, so all of the data aggregates into a single database. Whether a prospect lands on the main site or one of our sister sites, we have a unified view of their experience,” Alfredo says.

    A Fully Integrated CRM 

    To connect all 8 brands in his flywheel, Alfredo needed a marketing tool that could fully sync with his automations.

    That’s why he switched from Marketo to HubSpot.

    The fully integrated CRM was necessary to enable the custom-coded actions and workflow enhancements that would drive his smooth cross-property conversations.

    Cross-functional Workflows

    Operations Hub gave Alfredo the custom coding tools he needed to partner with Director, Marketing Steven Keyser.

    Together, they delivered an incredible solution to the sales team.

    With Conversations API, they set up a chatbot on all 8 websites, meeting customers right at the moment of purchase decision.

    “With our chatbot, the self-help database became a prospecting tool, helping us gather information to qualify the lead,” Alfredo says.

    Then, they built a complex Selective Sync to let the bots send info back and forth with Salesforce. 

    With info from the chat, the workflow automatically built a customer profile in Salesforce and scored the lead. A high score triggered a link to be dropped into the chat to let the prospect speak to a live SDR.

    The SDR could see the newly-built profile and jump into the conversation seamlessly.

    Collaborating with Professional Services

    Even with these powerful systems at his disposal, Alfredo couldn’t achieve the objective on his own.

    He says, “We needed support to experiment, build, and optimize quickly.”

    By engaging HubSpot Professional Services, he got a team of consultants who were at his side for every step of the journey.

    Inbound and Technical Consulting teams helped define and coordinate Alfredo’s vision, and were key in planning the complex Salesforce Selective Sync.

    Empowering Partners

    The HubSpot Professional Services team brought in strategic partners to get giant lifts done in Alfredo and Steven’s ambitious workflow plan.

    One of these partners was OBO, an agency that specializes in complex digitized marketing.

    OBO moved all of ConstructConnect’s data from Marketo to Marketing Hub. They also connected the huge amount of lead routing logic that enabled the Selective Sync with Salesforce.

    Another partner agency, IMPACT, completed the enormous migration of all 8 subsidiary websites to HubSpot CMS.

    “Having those teams to support us was critical. We couldn’t have made our strategy work without them,” Alfredo says.

    Analytics Unleashed

    Some of the biggest wins for ConstructConnect came from the optimization opportunities unlocked by their unified data. 

    Alfredo says, “We’ve been able to visualize the way our prospects get routed and figure out what works best for them. From the number of landing pages they hit to what fields should be included in each form, we’re constantly refining.”

    The visibility also drove deeper collaboration between marketing and sales.

    “The SDRs can see what kind of questions our prospects are asking the chatbot, so they get better information for lead scoring and can maximize their conversations.”

    Incredible Conversions and Efficiency

    With the advanced automations of Operations Hub, Alfredo’s flywheel is connecting all 8 websites in a smooth, satisfying experience. Conversion rates are swelling as high as 300% in some funnels, and the marketing and sales teams are creating new workflows 99% faster.

    “With the level of complexity in our business, the custom features we unlocked through Ops Hub were absolutely essential. Things that used to take us weeks, take hours now.”

    Alfredo credits HubSpot Professional Services and Solutions Partners for making his vision possible.

    “If we hadn’t been able to brainstorm solutions with them, test things on the fly, and get our needs added on the development roadmap, it just wouldn’t have happened,” he says.

    With 8 subsidiaries hooked up and endless new workflows at their fingertips, the sky's the limit for ConstructConnect to continue innovating the preconstruction experience.

    CC In-App Chat-2

    A look at a HubSpot-powered chatbot running inside the ConstructConnect app.

    We’re pioneering solutions beyond what’s out-of-the-box. Some of our experiments have delivered exponential gains, and being able to stack all those results has given us a really solid return on investment.

    Alfredo Narez

    VP Product Marketing and Innovation


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