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How Golden Bees became more customer-centric thanks to HubSpot

Golden Bees, a subsidiary of Figaro Classifieds, is the first programmatic HR marketing agency in Europe. Looking to strengthen the organisational structure of its teams in order to maximise customer satisfaction, the agency opted for HubSpot tools to create optimised multi-skilled teams within a sales and technical structure that had precisely this customer satisfaction as its focus.

Golden Bees

Founded in 2015, Golden Bees aims to put HR at the heart of company performance and provides support with media consulting, technology and HR data analysis. The agency works with companies to fine-tune the digitalisation and structuring of their recruitment chain, thus enabling recruiters to improve the performance of their HR communications and sourcing strategy regardless of who their current or future partners are. It is on a mission to deliver sound, measurable ROI for its customers.


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    Towards an end-to-end CRM system

    A specialist in digitalising and structuring companies’ recruitment processes to enable recruiters to optimise the performance of their HR communications and sourcing strategies, Golden Bees is also focused on fine-tuning information- and data-sharing- between its various specialist departments, following an approach built on operational effectiveness and rigour.

    Before introducing the HubSpot solution in 2019, Golden Bees had been using various tools according to its objectives, particularly in terms of running email campaigns and managing client and staff data. This is why it was keen to develop an end-to-end CRM system that would make it easier to share important information between the various services. After having been approached as a prospective client, the agency trialled the Sales Hub and Marketing Hub. This clearly proved a positive experience, because Golden Bees then decided to adopt the tools and expand its use of them. This was partly down to their user-friendly interface, the speed and agility of their customer success service and how they link up with external tools as well as the wealth of resources made available to HubSpot’s clients.

    However, there were several other factors that prompted Golden Bees to pick HubSpot besides those listed above: firstly, the agency wanted to enhance its evangelism, conversion and retention processes. Secondly, it wanted more closely-aligned teams and an optimised customer experience. Being able to access the full range of tools needed to achieve all these goals on a single platform meant that the processes were simplified right from the start and became more relevant. This is especially true in the context of a high-growth company with varying needs in terms of recruitment, onboarding and sales activities.

    A fruitful partnership 

    Golden Bees and HubSpot started working together in 2019. Having initially been used an intermediary function between the sales and marketing teams, HubSpot’s software has grown to become an essential solution for centralising key information, as well as for the agency’s internal processes. All the company’s departments are now using the tool to perform their tasks monitor the development and impact of these tasks on a daily basis.

    The simplified version of the HubSpot solution was used at the start to enable staff to familiarise themselves with the tools at company level. The teams then tackled advanced use, which required a longer adaptation period and called for adjustments based on the needs of each team.

    Using the Marketing Hub allowed the agency to automate some of its tasks, which not only enables it to save time every day, but also to overhaul its lead acquisition and qualification processes. Its inbound marketing strategy, amongst other things, has enabled Golden Bees to grow its customer base for the long term.

    The Sales Hub, meanwhile, is being used to improve company performance monitoring. Using detailed dashboards and reports, it allows sales activities to be fine-tuned both at agency level and at the level of the various services it provides.

    Finally, the CMS Hub lets teams work independently. This solution is also a useful way to gauge interest in the content offered by marketing specialists and to refine the company’s commercial strategy in line with lead and customer behaviour.

    Conclusive results

    Introducing HubSpot’s solution at Golden Bees has allowed the agency to optimise its business processes by automating time-consuming and low-value tasks.

    Improving internal dialogue has also enabled the teams to focus on the customer experience. This has increased the size of their average shopping basket, boosting the agency’s sales.

    Similarly, access to reliable real-time data and the inbound marketing strategy have helped to increase site traffic and acquire new qualified leads, while customer numbers have also increased.

    All in all, the agency is happy with HubSpot’s services and recommends them to companies experiencing ultra-fast growth. In the long term, it plans to use HubSpot’s solutions to consolidate its position as European leader and replicate its organisational structure in other parts of the continent.

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