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How Greenly Quadrupled its ARR with HubSpot

Greenly is a company committed to the fight against global warming on a large scale. Worldwide leader in digital carbon accounting, its mission is to help companies of all sizes access new technologies to better manage their carbon footprint and significantly reduce their CO2 emissions. To improve visibility, control, and collaboration between its various teams, as well as to expand its scope, Greenly called on the services of HubSpot. The company decided to combine Marketing Hub and Sales Hub, which helped quadruple the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and increase the number of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) fivefold.

  • 4X more ARR

  • 423% growth in 2022

  • 5X more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) in one year


Greenly is the global leader in digital carbon accounting. By targeting VSBs, SMEs and mid-market companies, Greenly wants to show that every organization can make a commitment at minimal cost, regardless of size and resources. By quickly producing a carbon footprint, Greenly focuses on the engagement of staff and suppliers, and on completing internal actions.


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    Why Greenly chose HubSpot

    Greenly’s mission is to make carbon accounting accessible to VSBs, SMEs and mid-market companies so that they can easily manage their CO2 emissions and effectively fight global warming. To achieve this, the company provides the very best technology combined with excellent support, acting as an interface with data collected and analyzed automatically, such as accounts, digital services invoices, and expenses. Greenly aims to reach two main goals: to become a major player in terms of global impact and to prevent the emission of one billion tons of CO2.

    To do this, Greenly's teams immediately turned to HubSpot. The software helped Greenly create a seamless and accurate environment, useful for tracking the performance of the company’s various services. Choosing HubSpot's platform was a logical step, since Greenly began as a startup benefitting from the support of ESSEC Ventures. As a result of this, the company could take advantage of the HubSpot for Startups program, which aims to support the development of new projects. The company started out with HubSpot's free CRM. This contributed to developing the commercial impact of Greenly and precisely defining its target market. Later, the teams invested in a paid subscription to access the features of Marketing Hub Enterprise and Sales Hub Enterprise.

    By using those two Hubs, Greenly wanted to manage its growth and an extremely high rate of incoming requests. The pace was increasing from one week to the next, both in France and internationally. This meant that it was crucial for the teams to be able to automate certain tasks so they could concentrate on those with higher priority. It also became important to improve collaboration between teams, by providing them with a platform capable of centralizing information.


    Greenly's winning strategy for sales and marketing

    The implementation of HubSpot's solution at Greenly began with the launch of the company in November 2020. The teams started on HubSpot's free CRM and, seeing the solution’s potential, the company decided to invest in Marketing Hub Enterprise and Sales Hub Enterprise to help with a rapidly expanding business. The main objective was to redefine internal organization so that clear information could circulate across departments and facilitate collaboration between members of staff.

    Thanks to the Marketing Hub, Greenly developed an inbound marketing strategy using Facebook and Google ads. The ads lead to HubSpot landing pages and forms which help identify qualified leads. As a result, Greenly saw its customer base increase significantly. This tool is also useful for monitoring the impact of campaigns on the pipeline and monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and, if necessary, quickly optimizing conversion. Finally, the company added a blog to its website. With more than 700 posts on green topics and environmental impact, the company benefits from significant visibility, especially on the European market. The content includes downloadable resources such as guides for developing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. These leads go through nurturing campaigns with the use of email sequences sent from the HubSpot platform, before being transferred to the Sales team.

    The Sales Hub allowed sales and marketing teams to align by adopting a common strategy. Thanks to content production, the company positioned itself as an expert in the areas of carbon accounting and CSR and saw its number of MQLs increase fivefold between 2021 and 2022. Better communication between employees generated a significant rise in turnover.


    Exponential growth sustained by high customer satisfaction

    The implementation of HubSpot's solution strongly contributed to Greenly’s rapid development. In addition to the significant rise in number of prospects and leads, turnover also increased strongly. In just two years, the company gained more than 1,000 customers and saw its ARR increase fourfold between 2021 and 2022.

    The teams also benefit from more centralized information, optimal KPI tracking, and easier communication between departments. As a result, staff save time on many tasks and have access to reliable data updated in real time.

    In the near future, Greenly would like to develop its international presence. The aim is to target larger companies while retaining the emphasis on customer satisfaction. The latter has greatly contributed to word-of-mouth and enabled such a fast-growing environment.
    Greenly teams are genuinely satisfied with HubSpot services. They particularly liked the onboarding process and how easy it was to get to grips with the software. Being able to integrate the other tools they use was also a distinct advantage of their long-term collaboration with HubSpot.

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