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Grove HR Grows Marketing Database by 300x with HubSpot CRM

Grove HR wanted to find a single central solution for all of their marketing operations. With HubSpot CRM, Grove HR grew its database to 30,000 contacts, has over 50,000 monthly website visitors, and saves 70% less time uploading to social media.

  • 300x increase in database contacts

  • 500x increase in monthly web traffic

  • 70% faster managing social media efforts

Grove HR

Grove HR is a complete HR solution designed for the new workforce that helps companies create more inspiring and fulfilling work cultures.


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Use Case:


    Manual marketing processes took too much time and risked introducing human error

    Grove HR needed a centralised, automated solution to run all of their marketing operations from one place. 

    As a fast-growing HR startup, Grove HR needed to scale its digital marketing efforts. The marketing team was using a combination of different tools and manual processes for all of their marketing: 

    • They relied on Mailchimp to send emails to their contacts database.
    • They scheduled social media posts manually each day, on each platform. 
    • Then, they exported reports to a spreadsheet to evaluate their performance.

    Relying on so many separate manual processes was time consuming, and it increased the risk of human error.

    As Associate Marketing Manager Thao Nguyen Le remembers:

    “A lot of our time was taken up with manual work,” she says. “We didn’t have a central place to bring everything together.”

    The marketing team also didn’t have any way to create automated workflows or send their marketing leads targeted content based on specific actions. 

    When Grove HR first launched, they were marketing on a smaller scale, and these processes worked. But as they grew past those early startup stages, they quickly saw that they needed a centralised marketing hub to serve as a unified tool for all of their marketing efforts. 

    Grove HR chooses HubSpot Marketing Hub as a centralised marketing tool

    When the Grove HR marketing team first heard about everything that HubSpot could do, they were very excited to move all of their marketing to a single platform. 

    With the help of HubSpot Academy and the assistance of HubSpot’s 24/7 support, it only took them one week to learn how to use the tool and make the switch. 

    “Because we are based in Vietnam, not everyone on our team was familiar with HubSpot. But when everyone learned more about it, they were very excited,” Nguyen says. “Now, HubSpot is our day-to-day tool.” 

    Some of Nguyen’s favourite things about moving to HubSpot include:

    A One-Stop Shop for all of their Marketing Operations

    Grove HR uses HubSpot to run their entire marketing operation, including emails, blog posts, social media, landing pages, workflows, advertising, and booking sales meetings with qualified leads. 

    “With HubSpot, everything is easy to use and customisable. We don’t need any other tool to support our marketing,” Nguyen says.

    Plus, all of their data is now centralised, too. Instead of exporting data into spreadsheets from several different sources, the marketing team can access all of their data in one place.  

    Segmentation, Automation, and Workflows

    Using HubSpot makes it easy for the marketing team to organise information so it’s quick to access and simple to use. 

    With HubSpot’s segmentation, Nguyen can easily segment her list into marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads. She can use that segmentation to send customers new content that’s specifically relevant to their role, too.  

    And HubSpot’s powerful automation has allowed the marketing team to set up email workflows that are automatically triggered when people download their content. 

    None of that was possible before HubSpot, according to Nguyen: 

    “That’s the power of HubSpot,” she says. “We can send prospects appropriate, relevant content automatically. Before HubSpot, we had no way to do that. There was no way to leverage those downloads.”

    Custom Properties 

    HubSpot’s custom properties allow the marketing team to add extra information to their CRM contact details. With these custom fields, the Grove HR marketing team can add valuable information to help them with segmentation and workflow automation. It allows them to leverage that advanced segmentation in their sales calls, too. 

    “Custom fields is underrated, but I think it’s very powerful,” Nguyen says. “Not everyone has the same sales funnel, so it’s great to be able to customise HubSpot to fit our business.” 

    Increased Visibility 

    Finally, moving to HubSpot allows the marketing and sales teams to work together seamlessly. They have increased visibility into each others’ work and can track leads throughout their entire marketing and sales funnel. 

    “It helps us a lot to be able to see that data all in one place,” Nguyen says. 

    Over 30,000 more marketing contacts and 500x increase in organic traffic

    Moving to HubSpot has changed everything for Grove HR: they’ve built up a substantial marketing database, from 100 contacts up to over 30,000. 

    “HubSpot is like our partner in marketing,” Nguyen says. “Our marketing team just couldn’t do it without HubSpot.”

    Their website traffic has increased exponentially as well, especially their organic traffic. They went from 100 views per month in their earliest days to over 50,000 views each month. 

    Nguyen also estimates that scheduling social media posts takes her about 70% less time each week than it did before Grove HR moved to HubSpot.

    Now, the team has more time to strategise, create campaigns, and focus on the most important part of their job: helping Grove HR grow. 

    “HubSpot is the most powerful digital marketing tool I have used,” Nguyen concludes. “For any company that wants to scale up their digital presence, and especially their digital marketing, they’re going to need HubSpot.”

    • With HubSpot, everything is easy to use and customisable. We don’t need any other tool to support our marketing
    • HubSpot is the most powerful digital marketing tool I have used. For any company that wants to scale up their digital presence, and especially their digital marketing, they’re going to need HubSpot.
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