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INBOUND by HubSpot achieves 40% CVR for event registrations leveraging LinkedIn ads in HubSpot

INBOUND by HubSpot moved to a fully immersive, digital experience with aggressive goals for registrations in 2021. As a result, the INBOUND team turned to LinkedIn ads in HubSpot to attract a professional audience that matched or “looked like” previous year attendees from HubSpot’s CRM.

  • 40% CVR for event registrations

INBOUND by HubSpot

INBOUND by HubSpot is a fully immersive, online experience that provides access to transformative business trends, proactive conversations, and key actionable takeaways. Tens of thousands of global attendees are able to connect with leaders across industries and spark catalysts that they may not have been aware existed.


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    Practice what you preach and be where your audience lives 

    With the move to a fully immersive digital experience, INBOUND by HubSpot had the opportunity to expand the reach that attracted a global audience of sales, marketing, and service professionals. However, with this global expansion came aggressive goals to double attendance year over year. Fortunately, HubSpot has invested in a deep integration with LinkedIn ads allowing the INBOUND team to easily leverage the power of HubSpot’s CRM and Marketing Hub to attract and convert a highly qualified audience only found on LinkedIn.


    Working with the appeal of spotlight speakers including legendary names like Spike Lee and Oprah Winfrey, the INBOUND marketing team ran A/B tests of creative and copy in single image and carousel ad formats to attract a large audience to the event registration page.

    In addition to strong ad creative and copy strategy, the team created custom lists of previous years’ attendees from HubSpot’s CRM and used HubSpot’s audience syncing capabilities for Matched Audiences, exclusions, and lookalike audiences on LinkedIn. As a key platform for professionals, the team also used LinkedIn for specific targeting by industry, company, company size, job function, and job seniority to find the most qualified audience.


    After only two months of running ad campaigns on LinkedIn through HubSpot, the team not only generated exponential awareness of the event with thousands of visits to the registration page but also saw a 40% CVR from event page visits to event registration.   

    Having the ability to create, manage, and optimize LinkedIn ads in HubSpot, a platform the team already lives in for management and automation of marketing and sales activities provides both an efficient and streamlined operation.
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      The accessibility and targeting that comes with LinkedIn ads in HubSpot is excellent! Jumping between two different platforms can be overwhelming and the data load outside of HubSpot can cause my computer to slow down too much. HubSpot’s integration with LinkedIn ads is both effective and convenient
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