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Merit Achieves a Cohesive Strategy With HubSpot's All-In-One Growth Platform

As the company started to grow their operations, Merit wanted to accelerate the marketing and sales efforts. That’s when HubSpot comes in place as an all-in-one solution for the marketing, service, and sales teams. Since then, it has been possible for all of its departments to work and think together while scaling and creating solid strategies to enter new spaces.

Merit International Inc.

In a world where verified identity is based on paper proof, Merit offers a platform where digital versions of personal and professional achievements tackle the need for individuals to carry paper certificates.


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    All-In-One Enterprise Growth Platform

    Merit’s team has built the digital infrastructure for verified identity that allows any governing body the ability to unblock and accelerate growth and efficiency by giving people autonomy over their credentials, such as licenses and certificates. The company has been predominantly brought to market through government agencies, working with states that are eager to incorporate digital accreditation. Seeing that there was a clear need for the product based on initial conversations with state leaders, and anticipating rapid growth, the team led by Jacob Orrin, Co-founder and COO, initiated a search for a platform that would centralize their efforts.

    At this time of crucial growth, Merit needed a tool that would allow them to work with outbound marketing, lead management, pipeline flows, its public website, support tickets, and a help center – all in one place. HubSpot proved to be the centralized solution that would help them address these moving parts of the business seamlessly. Additionally, HubSpot offered integrations so all teams could have everything they needed at hand to be able to perform their jobs efficiently.


    “Our alternative would have been a patchwork of several solutions held together by integrations. With HubSpot, we don’t have to worry about that. We get our CRM, CMS, knowledge center, marketing automation, and measurement in one spot and our entire team is on the same platform and has access to the same information,” Jacob mentions.


    The decision of using HubSpot as an all-in-one tool to help streamline processes for the service and sales department as well as kickoff marketing activities was made at an early stage and, since then, the company has had a strong uptake of the software, growing from the basic HubSpot license to professional and ultimately the enterprise level.


    Centralizing, Reporting & Growing with HubSpot

    Jumping on HubSpot has allowed Merit’s teams to use intuitive features to implement a complete ecosystem to manage and automate their main processes according to their growing pace as well as keep all the company's data centralized.


    As for the sales enterprise features, the ability to track what’s coming down the pipeline, trigger actions, and have all the user data organized and accessible has been key. “Our sales process is similar to a lot of B2B enterprise sales where you are doing Account-Based Marketing to senior decision-makers, administrative staff, and people who are using the platform. But with enterprise sales to governments, there is an intangible aspect which could be legislation that may need to be passed or the government having a different agenda for that year. That’s where HubSpot really helps us track everyone we have touched, the content we have targeted them with, and the pipeline. It’s a great tool for that,” Jacob mentions.


    The most appealing perk for Jacob when it comes to using HubSpot is the ability to make data-driven decisions. He appreciates the high-level visualization of reporting based on the KPIs they are tracking and being able to clearly spot where the leads come from; having a better idea of the stage of the sales process for each contact. The team is also very satisfied with the performance of the ticket and dashboard features because they are finally able to work together and solve issues on time and in the best way possible. In terms of marketing, the teams have been able to leverage key functionalities such as the website’s editing tool as well as the content and marketing automation capabilities.


    In the long run, they are planning to accelerate their content marketing and management using HubSpot. The team has plans to produce a lot of different content to reach each of the industries they cater to, across government clients from licensing, regulation, workforce development, emergency services, and more


    “There are many, many potential partners, and though we may have a narrower focus today, we will soon reach a point where we are marketing to, selling to, implementing with, and supporting thousands of partners. HubSpot is and will continue to be the brain of that operation, centralizing all our sales, marketing, and support work into a single platform that is used by all of the  teams at Merit.” – COO & Co-Founder, Jacob Orrin.

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