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PerformHR Increase Opportunities by 44% Since Using HubSpot

PerformHR has seen an impressive 44% increase in opportunities, 172% increase in new contacts as well as sessions improving by 15%.

  • 44% increase in opportunities

  • 172% increase in new contacts

  • 15% increase in sessions

Perform HR

PerformHR is an outsourced HR organisation that exists to challenge the status quo of HR service delivery. Focused on “changing the way HR is done” performHR’s approach is progressive and agile.


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    Hannah Taylor is the Marketing Coordinator at PerformHR, an outsourced HR organisation, who exist to challenge the status quo of HR service delivery. Focused on “changing the way HR is done”.

    Before HubSpot, PerformHR faced a variety of challenges when it came to their sales and marketing approach. Following a period of aggressive growth, the PerformHR team recognised the importance of implementing a CRM to manage and support their growth, and a marketing software that could further increase brand awareness, increase new customers, and report on the activity of their developing marketing function.

    This was when Hannah received a recommendation to scope the capability of HubSpot and since implementation, PerformHR have created a cohesive customer journey to align marketing and sales and supercharge their leads. PerformHR has seen an impressive 44% increase in opportunities, 172% increase in new contacts as well as sessions improving by 15%.


    Developing strong data, metrics and analytic capability at PerformHR

    Prior to HubSpot, PerformHR had a relatively young marketing support function, with a developing focus on strategy and execution. With a previous focus on strong relationships and referral networks, and limited access to reliable marketing data, insights into marketing results were limited.

    To solve these problems, PerformHR needed a tool that could consolidate all social media channels, their website, and establish new quality leads.

    In scoping a new tool to support these requirements, PerformHR also identified that the tool they required must have extensive onboarding support and training options for their team around the inbound methodology, and developing a ‘sales’ mindset in their team.

    Although PerformHR had previously used Marketo for a short time to run their email campaigns, Hannah felt it lacked the support to help grow the company's knowledge. “Being a single seat in a marketing position, I had lots of questions and felt it lacked that support system. It wasn’t the right fit for our organisation and where we were in our marketing journey.”

    An explosive shift

    Since implementing HubSpot, PerformHR has been able to sustain its impressive growth trajectory and also eliminate its previously disjointed approach to marketing and sales, replacing it with an holistic marketing automation system in HubSpot. In terms of results, PerformHR has seen a 44% increase in opportunities, 172% increase in new contacts as well as sessions improving by 15%.

    When asked if she would recommend HubSpot to a peer or colleague, Hannah stated: “Absolutely. We have seen a huge shift in our teams sales and BD mindset, through the adoption of HubSpot and inbound methodology. We’ve seen a fantastic return on investment."

    Adopting an inbound approach proves beneficial in more ways than one

    Through her research, Hannah discovered HubSpot and saw that adopting the inbound methodology would benefit the company in the long term. “We saw HubSpot as a means to help us achieve our long term goals as we needed a system that could support our growth and didn't want to be chopping and changing down the track. HubSpot was the solution to help us grow better.”

    Before rolling out further HubSpot training for the wider PerformHR team, Hannah got up to speed on the inbound methodology with HubSpot Academy, to gain certifications and knowledge relevant to this new holistic approach she was pursuing. “I was sold pretty quickly but it was a matter of showing what I had learnt to the executives and taking them on the same journey I had been on.”

    In the end, the customisable and intuitive nature of HubSpot, particularly the CRM and data management capabilities, proved to solve a lot of their pain points. “Our main focus was to find a program that would be simple to use to send our newsletter. When we found out about HubSpot’s many capabilities, it pretty much snowballed from there. The fact that it’s a CRM as well- we quite quickly decided to move our old CRM system onto HubSpot”

    The full PerformHR team have found HubSpot particularly beneficial, as Hannah explains; “Our entire team is now heavily involved in the software as well. They run their deals through HubSpot and are therefore able to monitor and report on their results.”

    This shift in the sales activity of the team came at a time when they had previously focused on organically growing sales activity. HubSpot added a layer of sophistication when it came to the team logging sales activity and managing new leads and opportunities thus being able to reflect an accurate representation of data in their sales pipeline.

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