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ProArch Drove 427% More Blog Traffic YOY with HubSpot Professional Services

Since ProArch started using HubSpot's consulting services, they’ve matured their marketing strategy, optimized their tech stack, and driven 427% more traffic to their blog.

  • 427% more blog traffic

  • 33% more website traffic

  • 31 web pages migrated


ProArch consults global businesses, helping them modernize and optimize systems in cloud, infrastructure, data analytics, cybersecurity, compliance, and software development.


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    Lack of Automation or Analytics

    When Rebecca Spoont’s IT consulting company, iV4, was acquired by global firm ProArch, she became director of marketing for both brands. 

    She had previously moved iV4 to HubSpot, leveraging CMS Hub and Marketing Hub to consolidate analytics and enable automations.

    Now with the two brands to manage, Rebecca would need to bring ProArch onto HubSpot and merge the two companies’ web portals into a single instance on CMS Hub.

    But she couldn’t begin the migration until she consolidated the new parent company’s tech stack and gained visibility into their analytics.

    Migrating Websites and Lists

    “The first thing we needed to do was move the ProArch website to the HubSpot CMS,” Rebecca says. “Then, we could upload all of their lists from their marketing tools onto Marketing Hub and unlock analytics and automations.”

    ProArch had to be placed on their own portal at first and merged into the iV4 portal later.

    The consolidation brought powerful opportunities, but the tasks themselves were daunting for a one-person team.

    Optimizing the Platform

    With all the capabilities of CMS Hub and Marketing Hub, Rebecca wanted to ensure that ProArch got the most out of the investment.

    She needed a strategy to consolidate the new and old brands into one powerful marketing machine that leveraged HubSpot’s integrations and features.

    “I wanted help realizing the full value of our Hubs,” Rebecca said. “I needed someone who could strategize with me and help me use the tools to get our company where we wanted to be.”

    Seeking expert guidance to help her implement the tools, Rebecca engaged strategic and technical consulting through HubSpot’s Professional Services.

    Coaching for a Smart Start 

    With hands-on guidance from her strategic consultant, Rebecca was able to quickly start leveraging CMS Hub and Marketing Hub for both brands.

    “It was great to talk through our marketing strategy with someone who could bring new ideas to the table,” she says.

    Some of the projects they completed include optimizing web content for local SEO, using smart content to personalize the customer experience, and refining the email strategy.

    “Our company offers a lot of different solutions, and our consultant helped me segment our contacts so we can hit the right people with the right message. She also helped me build new nurture tracks and make sure that our content always aligns with other initiatives.”

    Implementing Lead Scoring

    An important win from working with a HubSpot consultant was creating a lead scoring system.

    Rebecca says, “Our consultant helped me start to bucketize our leads. We figured out how to identify a warm lead and automatically signal the sales team when we got a good opportunity.”

    They set up workflows to score prospect behavior, such as visits to high-priority web pages, engaging with certain email messages, or sharing personal details, like company size or job title, that would automatically flag them as high-priority leads for sales.

    “It has saved me so much time,” Rebecca says. “I used to mine through all our leads by hand and try to figure out which ones we should focus on. Now, I just watch our analytics.”

    Technical Guidance

    While strategic consulting helped Rebecca plan, receiving technical guidance helped her get set up to execute.

    Through the merger, Rebecca gained a marketing teammate who was unfamiliar with the HubSpot platform.

    “He really relied on our technical consultants. They answered all his questions, and even provided screen-share recordings for him, basically walking him through each step of our tasks.”

    The most time-consuming project was the merging of ProArch’s new HubSpot portal onto the existing iV4 instance.

    “Having the tech consultants provide guidance on how to combine everything was extremely helpful. Now, we can manage both websites, merge lists, and have visibility into all of our analytics under one HubSpot portal.”

    CMS Hub + Marketing Hub

    The consulting teams couldn’t have made Rebecca’s experience so worthwhile if it wasn’t for the power of the platform itself.

    “With CMS Hub and Marketing Hub, we get unmatched visibility into every single customer interaction. Whether they’re visiting a web page, registering for a webinar, or signing a deal, we have this full history, and it makes our sales efforts more powerful.”

    Rebecca loves how user-friendly HubSpot’s tools are. With her tiny team, the ability to update the website without a developer and set up a workflow whenever she wants is critical.

    She says, “Once you can wrap your brain around the HubSpot ecosystem, you can adapt it for whatever you want to achieve.”

    427% More Blog Traffic YOY

    With strategic and technical guidance from Professional Services, ProArch has drawn 427% more traffic to their blog and 33% more to their website compared to the same period of the previous year.

    Rebecca says, “My consultant was there for me consistently to help me progress with the platform and move forward with our goals.”

    For other marketers who are just starting out with HubSpot, she highly recommends Professional Services.

    “HubSpot is an extremely powerful tool, but—as with anything new—there can be a learning curve. Consulting services will help you get up and running much faster and you’ll start realizing value much sooner than you would on your own.”

    Rebecca Spoont
    My consultant helped me use the tools within HubSpot to uplevel our email, sales enablement, and content marketing efforts. We’ve increased blog traffic 427% year-over-year, and we’re still growing.

    Rebecca Spoont

    Director of Marketing

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