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Roof Maxx Expands From 72 to 250 Exclusive Dealers in 24 Months HubSpot CRM

Roof Maxx found that Infusionsoft inflexible structure couldn’t accommodate the varied needs of its exclusive dealers, internal sales teams, marketing and service. Roof Maxx switched to HubSpot CRM and gained the customization it needed to empower its growth, scaling from 72 dealers to 250 in just 24 months.

  • +200% Exclusive Dealers Growth

  • 180 sales seats


Roof Maxx is a safe, proven alternative to replacing asphalt roofs. Its revolutionary technology uses 100% natural plant-based bio-oil to restore life to dried out shingles before they fail. The process adds five years to their lifespan at 20% the cost of replacing them—while reducing the amount of roofing materials going to landfills.


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    Finding a CRM for Exclusive Dealers and Internal Sales

    Ryan Grissinger, Chief Technology Officer, kept asking himself: Was Roof Maxx a roofing company or a software company? 

    Given all the time and effort Ryan and his team put into implementing tools such as Infusionsoft by Keap, Zendesk and their own custom software solution—they were starting to feel like software developers. 

    They reached this point because Roof Maxx was growing extraordinarily fast and needed software solutions that could help power that growth. 

    But unfortunately, Infusionsoft by Keap was getting in the way. 

    “Like a lot of software, Infusionsoft works just fine as long as you structure things the way they want,” says Ryan. “But we needed to organize our processes in our own way.”

    Adding to the complexity, Roof Maxx has three distinct user groups with differing needs and capabilities: exclusive dealers, internal sales teams and business operations, such as marketing and customer service. 

    Roof Maxx’s exclusive dealers vary in their level of technical expertise. So, when evaluating potential software solutions, any CRM Ryan chose would have to be easy to use and backed up with robust training and support. 

    Further, more established dealers already had a variety of software systems in place that they liked and wanted to keep—so the ability to integrate with existing systems was also essential.

    Given this list of requirements, Ryan was excited when he found HubSpot CRM. 

    HubSpot CRM Meets the Needs of Every User Group

    Ryan relied heavily on the HubSpot onboarding team to make the transition from Infusionsoft by Keap to HubSpot CRM. 

    “Adam and Jen were super helpful in guiding us through the switch,” says Ryan. “The whole experience was great.”

    Roof Maxx has a large number of seats relative to its size (180 sales seats and 27 service seats), which is typical for exclusive dealers' models.

    Ryan chose to divide the seats among different groups, assigning them to their own dealers, the internal dealer development sales team, the internal consumer sales team, as well as marketing and customer service. 

    “Each ‘bucket’ of users has their own roles and processes,” says Ryan, “but HubSpot is flexible enough to accommodate them all.” 

    Just as importantly, HubSpot CRM makes it easy to make changes as Roof Maxx grows.

    “As a startup, things change quickly,” says Ryan. “With HubSpot, we have a tool that can change with us because we can build it the way we need it.”

    This flexibility also makes it easy for Ryan and his team to test and optimize their processes for greater efficiency. 

    “We make changes to our pipelines and workflows all the time because we’re constantly optimizing what we’re doing,” says Ryan. “Every piece in HubSpot comes together to make it happen.”

    Access to training and support

    All Roof Maxx HubSpot CRM users, exclusive dealers included, have access to the HubSpot Academy for training and support. So even dealers who are less tech savvy can have their questions answered.

    “The HubSpot Academy has been really, really helpful for our users,” says Ryan. “Some of us use it a lot.”

    Integration with other applications

    By implementing HubSpot CRM, Roof Maxx was able to eliminate Infusionsoft by Keap and Zendesk but continues to use its own custom software. 

    “HubSpot has 90% of everything we need,” says Ryan. “For the remaining 10%, we have our custom system, which is seamlessly integrated with HubSpot CRM.”

    Roof Maxx’s custom system isn’t the only application integrated with HubSpot CRM. 

    For example, Ryan is integrating Genesys with HubSpot to build a national call center to handle calls driven by its marketing campaigns. 

    With the HubSpot-Genesys integration, call center agents get popups on their screens with customer information if the customer record exists in HubSpot CRM. By having this information at their fingertips, agents are empowered to deliver more personalized service. 

    At the same time, information that call agents enter resides in the HubSpot CRM where it’s accessible to any Roof Maxx team member with the necessary permissions. 

    “We’ve only had this in place for a few months, but we already can’t imagine doing business without it,” says Ryan.

    In addition to Genesys, Roof Maxx is also integrating HubSpot with Dispatch, a field-service software. With Dispatch, field crews can easily report job arrival times and other important field metrics to ensure compliance and higher customer satisfaction rates. 

    “If someone presses a button in Dispatch, it updates the deal stage over at HubSpot,” says Ryan. “Then we can run a report and see the entire lifecycle of that deal. It creates a seamless end-to-end experience.”

    Ryan is also using API integrations to filter and map leads from Facebook, YouTube and other platforms into HubSpot. 

    “We use a mapping solution to bring everything into HubSpot so we can see everything in one place and report on it,” says Ryan.

    Ryan has also integrated ClientTether with HubSpot, a client engagement platform.

    Even with all these integrations, HubSpot CRM remains at the core. 

    “Rather than try to hack all of these systems together, we’ve put HubSpot at the center of everything we do,” says Ryan. “We manage all of our inputs and outputs from there.”

    A complete view for better decision making

    With the rich data gained from all these inputs, Roof Maxx has the information it needs to guide its decision making.

    For example, Ryan is using this real-time data to evaluate its marketing vendors.

    “If we have three different vendors, I can look at them all and see which is underperforming and which is a superstar, and then decide where to put our marketing dollars,” says Ryan. “The data allows us to make those kinds of decisions on multiple levels.” 

    Aligning exclusive dealers, sales teams and departments

    Just as importantly, Ryan sees the value in having everyone in the business on the same platform, including dealers located across the country.

    “Having everyone on the same page is mission critical,” says Ryan. “The left hand knows what the right hand is doing and vice versa because it’s all centralized in one place.”

    Upgrading to Sales Hub Enterprise

    Today, Roof Maxx continues to deepen its partnership with HubSpot, recently upgrading from Sales Hub Professional to Sales Hub Enterprise. 

    “The additional capabilities of Sales Hub Enterprise, such as advanced quote-based workflows and custom objects, will enable us to take our business to the next level,” says Ryan. 

    Throughout the upgrade process, Ryan remained impressed with the support he received from HubSpot. 

    “The HubSpot team was fantastic to work with,” says Ryan. “They gave us one-to-one attention and helped us find just the right solution for our needs.” 

    Growing from 72 to 250 Exclusive Dealers in 24 Months

    With the help of HubSpot CRM, Roof Maxx has grown from 72 exclusive dealers to 250 in just 24 months. 

    This fast pace of growth wouldn’t have been possible without the flexibility of HubSpot CRM.

    Today, Ryan never has to question whether Roof Maxx is a software company or a roofing company because HubSpot CRM is there to support what Roof Maxx does best: deliver an innovative, roof-replacement alternative to its dealers and direct customers.

    “We couldn’t have achieved this growth if we’d stayed with Infusionsoft,” says Ryan. “I can’t imagine doing business without HubSpot.”

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