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Trello Increases Organic Traffic by 40% With HubSpot

Trello needed a global solution to generate and nurture leads in a more strategic and structured way. Learn how HubSpot helped Trello fine-tune their global content and automation strategy.

  • 47% decrease in publication time

  • 40% increase in organic traffic

  • 29% increase in overall traffic


Trello is the easy-to-use, visual tool for teams to manage any project and stay organized, trusted by more than 1 million teams and 35 million people around the world.


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    Taking Global Content and Marketing Automation to the Next Level

    Trello was looking for a solution that would give them an overview of their marketing funnel and that would generate and nurture leads in a much more strategic and structured way. In the meantime, they were also already expanding their content to new markets and needed a solution that could easily spin up multiple blogs or landing pages in other languages quickly.

    The most important search criteria for Trello was scalability. They wanted to make sure that this tool would grow as they grew, and that it would have a reliable service and good uptime. With all that in mind, they found HubSpot to be the best solution to take their global content and automation strategy to the next level.

    HubSpot is now their content hub for ebooks, infographics, whitepapers, landing pages, and blog posts in five different languages. Prior to HubSpot, their approach to any new content was very manual and across different platforms. It was time-consuming and there was a lack of technical resources to speed up the process. Today, Trello is able to localize their English-language blog posts in all five languages in less than two weeks, cutting down their time to publication by 47%.

    The Story Behind Their Global Content Platform

    “In 2018, we were challenged to scale our content strategy into five languages. We already had our blog localized in Portuguese and French. However, the process to localize that content was very manual and we were still using Wordpress for the Portuguese blog, which was our first non-English blog.

    "Once we started using HubSpot for the French blog, we saw the advantage of having all our different language content in one CMS: easy to copy existing content to a new blog, easy to translate and replicate the structure of a blog, easy to use CTAs and keep track of a global campaign in one single place, and much more.

    "However, the translation process was still being done manually. Although this seemed okay for two language blogs, it wasn't ideal to use the same process to create content in three more languages. It was going to take the full-time job of one person to take of care that, and we didn't have (and still don't have) that capability in our team."

    "That's when we started to look for another solution to automate our localization process by searching HubSpot's integration partners. Within that, we found a great match: Smartling.

    "Smartling provided us an easy and no-brainer way to send blog posts and landing pages to be translated and serve the content back to HubSpot already laid out in the format we needed. We didn't need to do much from there except publishing or scheduling the content in HubSpot. Exactly what we needed!

    "Being able to have our content localized in a few clicks meant that we could focus on what really matters: our global content strategy. Here are the main gains from this automation:

    • We are now able to launch go-to-market campaigns in all five languages and have an end-to-end conversation with our users in their preferred language.
    • We can create and launch global marketing campaigns in five languages, easily analyze the performance of each language and its global performance with HubSpot's Campaign tool, CTA creation tool, and SEO tool.

    "Moreover, qualifying leads was also another major challenge we were stepping into when we first started using HubSpot. Before we wouldn't really have a way to do that, so the whole process was new to us. With HubSpot seamlessly integrating with Salesforce, we finally were able to connect our marketing and sales teams. In no time, we started to send MQLs to our sales teams,” says Amanda Alvernaz, International Marketing Manager.

    Increasing Overall Traffic

    HubSpot and its integrations gave them the capability of publishing over 30 high-quality blog posts per month in five different languages. The new global content strategy brought them an increase of 29% in overall traffic within 12 months and a 40% increase in organic traffic.

    Today, Trello is able to create a global content strategy without sacrificing their marketing team's time and the quality of its content, leaving the team to concentrate on more high-value tasks.

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