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    ShoreTel Moves From Marketing Automation to Inbound Marketing with HubSpot

    The Demand Generation team at ShoreTel believed in inbound marketing, but didn’t have the right toolset to implement it. The main system they used was Eloqua, which they found to be inflexible, slow and not user friendly. When the opportunity came up to evaluate other marketing software options, they jumped on it and soon chose HubSpot.

    Michael Freeman Shoretel

    New Breed Marketing Increases Retainers and Boosts Customer Conversion by 100% with HubSpot's Content Optimization System

    New Breed Marketing was a traditional marketing agency specializing in branding and website design, though they would take on any creative marketing project that would come their way. They lacked clear specialization in one field, and the inability to prove long-term ROI left them without the retainer clients they desired.


    Scottish Agency Brightfire Switches Model to Inbound and Doubles Revenue

    Brightfire was founded in 2003 in Glasgow, Scotland as a web development agency. In 2010, their success began to stagnate, as the competitive landscape grew crowded with other agencies who had entered this low-barrier industry. The directors at Brightfire reconsidered their future growth strategy, and ultimately saw inbound marketing with HubSpot as their opportunity for differentiation in the field.

    Dawn Augiar

    HubSpot's Salesforce Integration Revitalizes Mimio's Marketing

    Mimio was using multiple platforms for their marketing strategy. They tried unsuccessfully for over a year to integrate their Salesforce CRM with their other marketing tools, an effort that drained developer resources better spent on their actual product.

    Dawn Augiar

    Ektron Shifts to Inbound Marketing and Lowers Cost Per Opportunity by 60%

    Ektron was spending too much money on list rentals and interruptive marketing. They wanted to be better marketers of merit, but weren't exactly sure of how to execute on an inbound strategy when all they knew was traditional outbound tactics.


    NEC Corporation of America Grows Sales Pipeline with HubSpot

    NEC needed a way to generate quality leads, and effectively track their sales and marketing results. Without the ability to measure their ROI, they would have a difficult time justifying their marketing efforts to their high impact sales team.

    Mark Pendleton

    Alpha Software Uses HubSpot Segmentation To Increase Conversions by 143%

    Alpha Software was sending general one-size-fits-all emails to their entire list. They didn't have the proper data and technology needed to segment their leads, and were missing valuable opportunities as a result.

    David McCormick

    Weed Pro Lawn Care Increases Revenue 230% with HubSpot

    Weed Pro focused on pay-per-click ads almost exclusively for their online marketing strategy. However, they knew there had to be a better solution for lead generation than paid search advertisement.

    Shaun Kanary