Staffing Agency Attracts More Qualified Talent with HubSpot Software

Aclipse was spending a ton of money on pay-per-click ads. They were getting lots of leads this way, but they were mostly low quality leads. Aclipse wanted to use social media and inbound marketing to generate not only more leads, but higher quality leads.


increase in monthly organic web traffic


increase in monthly social media reach

Aclipse Team

About Aclipse

Aclipse is a staffing agency that connects and recruits enthusiastic college graduates with the best teaching jobs in Asia.

Aclipse is a staffing agency that connects and recruits enthusiastic college graduates with the best teaching jobs in Asia. We sat down with Rebecca McNeil, Marketing Director at Aclipse, to talk about how her company grew monthly organic traffic 100 percent, as well as saved $2k per month with inbound marketing and HubSpot.

Industry: Staffing & Recruiting | Employees: 14

Tenure: 1.5 Years using HubSpot

Challenge: Increasing Reach Online and in Social Media

College graduates today are constantly adapting to new technologies and they don’t respond well to traditional advertising. Marketing to them requires a different approach—a challenge Aclipse was facing.

“We were spending a lot on a direct advertising approach, so we had a lot of jobs posted on the job boards and we also spent a lot on Pay Per Click (PPC) ads through Google,” said McNeil.  While these activities were still important to the company’s marketing mix, relying on them solely was proving ineffective to increasing the amount of talent attracted.

“The biggest pain was that when we weren’t utilizing inbound marketing, which social media is a big part of. We weren’t reaching our target demographic (recent college graduates). They are very fluent in social media,” says McNeil.

Realizing a solution was needed, McNeil evaluated HubSpot to help her manage new marketing techniques and expand Aclipse’s presence in social networks. Specifically, McNeil was looking to improve lead quality and increase reach in social media to better target college graduates.

“We were getting plenty of leads from job boards and PPC ads, but they were low quality,” says McNeil.

“I felt that social media and inbound marketing was the missing piece to generating higher-quality traffic, so I turned to HubSpot to help improve our lead quality.”

Solution: HubSpot Sources, Landing Pages, and Lead Nurturing

Attracting talent that wasn’t “ready to buy” was also a missing component of the marketing funnel. Commonly, students visit the website out of interest but aren’t ready to apply for a teaching job. Because applicants were the main source of leads, Aclipse was missing the opportunity to capture interested prospects and nurture them over time until they were ready to take further action.

Landing pages and lead nurturing campaigns enable us to reach out to people who are clearly interested in teaching English overseas even though they haven’t actually completed the application yet. If we didn’t have lead nurturing I think we’d miss out on a lot of great opportunities.  People need a lot of information before they’re ready to commit," says McNeil.

HubSpot also helped Aclipse reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary PPC spending. "HubSpot’s Sources tool is what led me to stop doing PPC ads all together."

Once we started using HubSpot and more inbound marketing techniques, we noticed that the amount of traffic and leads actually increased, and as a result, we decided to cancel PPC ads, which saved between $1,500 to $2,000 per month. And I wouldn’t have discovered that without having the analytics to see what sources where driving the most traffic to our website.”


In addition to software success, HubSpot’s customer support team has been readily available in case Aclipse had any questions.

“Customer service is great because I love follow-up from a real person. When we email a support ticket, which isn’t often, we get a response very quickly. We’ve had only positive experiences with customer support."

Results: Increased Traffic, Reach and Quality Leads

By blogging and focusing on social media and inbound marketing, the amount of traffic and quality leads increased. “Since we started using HubSpot and its inbound marketing tools, our leads that come from organic sources have increased and the quality of leads is better,” says McNeil.

Especially, Aclipse:

  • Saved between $1.5k to $2k per month by canceling PPC spending
  • Increased monthly social media reach by 50%
  • Achieved 33% overall landing page conversion rate (5x higher than the average)
  • Monthly organic traffic increased approximately 100%
Aclipse Results OrganicSearch
Aclipse Results Reach

Overall, Rebecca McNeil says her company has had great success with HubSpot. “Inbound marketing has transformed our business.  It has allowed us to increase brand awareness and recognition even though we are a very small company and cannot rely on traditional media and advertising,” says McNeil.

”Our target audience is on social media. We needed to be on social media. They read blogs. We needed to be writing them. Inbound marketing is 90% of our marketing efforts and it's what we rely on. Before HubSpot, our brand awareness wasn’t nearly as big as it is now.”

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