AnswerDash Increases Leads by 60% With HubSpot COS Website Design

AnswerDash is a venture-backed SaaS company that weaves answers into the fabric of the web, enabling businesses to increase sales, lower churn, reduce support costs, and gain deep insights into their customers. As a startup, they turned to HubSpot to achieve two important goals: develop a website optimized for generating leads and acquire 100 customers within their first six months.


increase in monthly leads
within first 2 months


increase in social media traffic
within first 2 months


increase in website traffic
within first 2 months

About AnswerDash

AnswerDash is the world’s leading website contextual answer service. Founded in 2012, AnswerDash gives the online customer experience a boost with their easy-to-use web and mobile self-service answer platform.

Challenges of a Start-Up

Propelling a young company to market with only 11 employees can be daunting.  For AnswerDash they simply did not have enough staff to go around in order to execute a proper inbound marketing plan.

The playbook at AnswerDash was twofold: rebrand the company from Qazzow to its current name and, at the same time, optimize the company’s new website to generate sales leads for their recently launched product. Director of Marketing, Matt Blythe, knew that it was mission critical to make sure every page on the new website was geared to drive new leads and customers once it went live. They had been using older technology to maintain their website and knew they needed to expand their web capabilities. They turned to HubSpot’s COS and marketing software to implement their new website, go-to market strategy and achieve their ambitious goals.

"As a one-man marketing band in an early stage startup, it would've been impossible for me to scale our marketing efforts without HubSpot’s integrated platform."

Matt Blythe

Director of Marketing


Introducing Smart Bug Media

Like many early-stage companies, the focus is on proving the concept and acquiring key, high-profile customers. As a result, the focus on website often suffers. AnswerDash was no different and had worked with several inbound marketing agencies to help enhance their website’s capabilities – each yielding the same unsatisfactory results. 

Following the advice of their HubSpot inbound marketing consultant, the company reached out to SmartBug Media. “We knew we wanted to move to HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS), but didn’t have the expertise to implement it,” explained Matt. “Our ultimate plan is to fully leverage HubSpot’s inbound marketing platform. So it made sense to use one of HubSpot’s top partners to help us implement our site in the COS and ensure it is integrated with our inbound marketing strategy.”

HubSpot’s secure, speedy COS is the first integrated website, blog and landing page system to be optimized for mobile right out of the box and leverage all the power the HubSpot offers around analytics, marketing automation, social media and many other core marketing applications.

With a goal of having the flexibility to “make web site updates without involving engineering,” AnswerDash quickly became adept using HubSpot for updating content, creating landing pages, blogging, vastly expanding social media efforts and boosting development opportunities.

“SmartBug has been great. From wireframes to design and development to production, they came in on budget and on time,” Blythe said. “Their HubSpot COS website design partnership enabled us to be self-sufficient and leveraged their success and experience to provide us some really useful guidance during the project.” 


Early Results and Successes

The numbers don’t lie. In the sixty days since migrating to HubSpot COS, AnswerDash has realized a 10% growth in web traffic. That’s on top of a 60% month-over-month lead growth – a number AnswerDash fully expects to climb once they fully leverage their new website.

The most-astonishing growth has occurred in AnswerDash’s social media efforts. Using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+, social media presence is up 55% since the launch.

“Everybody — salespeople, marketers, customer and prospects — have been impressed with the COS,” Blythe said. “We’d definitely recommend SmartBug Media. They took a basic concept, layered inbound marketing best practices on it and brought it to life.”

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