World-Famous Manufacturer Beretta Uses HubSpot Marketing Platform to Succeed in the 21st Century and Convert 76% of Visitors to Customers

The world’s oldest family-owned firearms company, Beretta, had been following the same traditional marketing strategies for years. Facing increasing competition, evolving buyers needs, and limited marketing bandwidth, the company turned to HubSpot to modernize its marketing methods and generate larger numbers of sales leads in less time, for less money.


conversion rate of organic leads to customers


conversion rate of social media visitors to customers


Drove 4,000 sales in a single day during Black Friday sales

About Beretta

Passed down through 15 generations of the Beretta family, almost 500 years of business have enriched Beretta with enormous experience and knowledge that allowed it to develop specific and superior technology in the field of precision mechanics. Today, the world’s oldest firearms manufacturer, Beretta USA (part of the Beretta Group), manufacturers more than 1,500 firearms daily to private enthusiasts and organizations around the world.

The Winds of Change

A lot can change in 500 years. For Beretta, the more things change the more they stay the same. The world’s oldest family-owned firearms company has changed with the times for five centuries and, today, the company is embracing the digital marketing revolution.

Over the last decade, the company has adopted email marketing, social media, and other digital marketing tactics into their blueprint. However, the marketing team was using several disparate tools, which limited their analysis capabilities and made it difficult to understand what content attracted and engaged new customers throughout its online retail channels.

“When we first started with digital marketing, we were one of those companies that would send a one-size-fits-all message to everyone,” says Matteo Recanatini, Beretta’s Digital & Ecommerce Manager. “We needed a more effective way to identify the different lifestyles and preferences of our customers and deliver content that actually mattered to them through different channels.”  

"Content has to be relevant and interesting to be effective. HubSpot is the missing link that has finally allowed us to get away from producing general content and really zero in on producing personalized, sales-driving messaging for everyone that visits us online."

Matteo Recanatini

Digital & Ecommerce Manager


Hitting the Bulls Eye with Messaging

Beretta turned to HubSpot to transform its scattershot marketing efforts into a cohesive, effective inbound marketing strategy. The all-in-one marketing platform integrates each part of the company’s marketing channels to help establish, nurture, and convert customer relationships into sales.

In particular, Matteo’s team uses HubSpot’s Blogging, Landing Pages, and Social Inbox apps to create compelling content and offers aimed at a variety of lifestyle-based buyer personas to attract the attention of these firearms buyers. HubSpot also helps Beretta marketers progressively profile website visitors, collecting information to further sub-segment customer by the types of content they’ve viewed and the offers they’ve shown interest in.


“HubSpot makes it very easy for us to be methodical in our marketing approach by generating very granular reports,” Matteo says. “Being able to tailor content based on a how a customer might use our products—personal defense or tactical use, clay shooting, or hunting—or how they’ve responded to other offers is the difference between an effective engagement strategy and a waste of time.”

In addition to attracting new site visitors with interesting blogs and social media posts, Beretta also uses HubSpot’s Email and Marketing Automation apps to produce a custom, one-to-one experience for each customer. Every email is tailored with content, imagery, and calls-to-action to pique a customer’s interest, guide them through the shopping process, and direct them to a retail partner for a firearm purchase or to another area of the Beretta site to buy lifestyle-related gear. 

“Content has to be relevant and interesting to be effective,” Matteo says. “HubSpot is the missing link that has finally allowed us to get away from producing general content and really zero in on producing personalized, sales-driving messaging for everyone that visits us online.”

Celebrating Centuries of Success

Adopting HubSpot has kept the historic company in line with the times. Even with limited marketing staff, Beretta runs a highly effective marketing program that’s garnered attention from respected publications like the Wall Street Journal and Direct Marketing News. 

Since starting with HubSpot in 2013, 76% of leads from organic search and 15% of social media leads become customers. The consistency of Beretta’s conversion rates are matched only by the successes it has when promoting special events, such as the email series the company ran for the “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” holiday shopping frenzy. That campaign resulted in more than 4,000 orders in a single day, nearly exceeding Beretta’s warehousing and shipping capabilities. 

HubSpot has made such a difference in Beretta’s marketing operations that Matteo even worked with HubSpot’s Ecommerce specialists to create a custom monthly report called "Value of Converted Abandoned Carts Last 30 Days,” which highlights abandoned cart revenues and drives retargeting efforts. Analyzing shopping cart activities—whether sales or abandons—is an ingenious way to capture more revenues without additional expenditures, something the company couldn’t previously do.


“Organizations like HubSpot make it possible for companies like ours to not only survive, but to thrive with change,” Matteo says. “From the very first conversation and training session, it was evident that everyone there was fully invested in helping us take our digital marketing practices to the next level so that our 500 year-old company could flourish for at least 500 more.”

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