Converts More Leads Faster Using HubSpot Sales was established as the world's largest online marketplace for finding and managing family care. Its brand was widely recognized by consumers, but they wanted to jumpstart their B2B offerings. The B2B business was growing, but the sales team wasn’t as agile and effective as it could be. And the marketing team lacked the tools to effectively scale the business and run campaigns effectively.

About is the world's largest online marketplace for finding and managing family care, with more than 11.8 million members, spanning 16 countries. Its mission is to improve the lives of families and caregivers by helping them connect in a reliable and easy way. Its solutions help families make informed decisions and caregivers to find fulfilling employment and career opportunities. strives to help its members - families and caregivers - pursue their passions and fulfill the basic human need of caring for each other. Lacked the Tools to Rapidly Grow Its B2B Business launched in the U.S. in 2007 and in just a few years was established as the world's largest online marketplace for finding and managing family care.  Its brand was widely recognized by consumers, but they wanted to jumpstart their B2B offerings.

Chris Snell, Sr. Inside Sales Manager, was focused on building’s SMB business. His team of inside sales representatives is responsible for turning inbound leads, who have created an online profile through their trial, into customers.  Their business was growing, but the reps weren’t selling as quickly or effectively as they could because they couldn’t see how prospects were engaging with them outside the phone.

Chris’s counterpart in marketing, Elizabeth Tutscheck, Director of Marketing, was on a mission similar to Chris’s:  She was trying to make’s workplace solutions and small business offerings a bigger part of the story.  But she realized her marketing team lacked the tools to scale their business.  She needed an all-in-one platform to help them run campaigns and measure their results.

The Sales Team Uses HubSpot Sales to Be More Agile and Effective

Chris had used the HubSpot marketing platform at a previous company and saw the value it could bring to sales and marketing teams.  So when he learned about HubSpot’s introduction of a sales product, HubSpot Sales, he knew he wanted to give it a try.  

Chris set his whole team of twenty-four sales reps up with HubSpot Sales Notifications.  It gave them real-time alerts telling them when, where and how prospects were engaging with them - by opening emails, visiting the website, and more.  In less than six months, he saw the team being more agile and effective.  

The instantaneous nature of the notifications gave reps the ability to follow-up with prospects while was top-of-mind for them.  This helped them to move deals more quickly and reduce the overall number of messages and calls they made.  Chris says, “We expect HubSpot Sales to help drive revenue higher because reps will be able to jump on potential prospects in a faster method than they were before.”  Elizabeth agrees:  “Arming a sales team to measure their actions are measurable makes them a lot smarter and layers in a marketing mindset.  So it helps make sales conversion a lot faster.”

Chris also saw response rates going up since they could track the performance of their email messages.  “The most effective reps utilize HubSpot Sales to A/B test their email messages.  They can see which messages are working best and chose the winners.  This insight will also be useful for the team leads he recently promoted.  “From a coaching perspective, the team leads will have an opportunity to look at the reps’ email streams and help them better shape their emails to get opened.”

"HubSpot Sales is a big value for the opportunity to see which emails are being opened and when."

Chris Snell

Inside Sales Manager

The Marketing Team Implements HubSpot’s Software to Scale

Elizabeth’s team is in the process of implementing HubSpot’s marketing platform.  She is optimistic that the software will help Chris and her implement an end-to-end inbound marketing and sales strategy to attract, convert and close more leads.  They see it providing synergy along with HubSpot Sales.  

Before using HubSpot’s marketing platform, the team couldn’t scale because it was using different tools that didn’t talk to each other.  Elizabeth says, “It was a very manual process to thread together a marketing campaign.  Measuring was time-consuming since you had to grab data sets from different systems.  But now with HubSpot’s software, it can all be integrated and seamless for the team to use.”

Elizabeth also sees the benefits of having sales and marketing on the same platform.  “It’s so important to have synergies between sales and marketing because they’re so reliant on each other.  Having a strong relationship is vital to any B2B entity.  And it gets easier when you’re using one system like HubSpot’s.”

The marketing team is held to lead generation goals and the sales team to lead conversion goals.  Chris and Elizabeth feel that HubSpot’s marketing sales platform will help them both measure and outperform those goals.  

"It’s great to see that HubSpot’s products are coming together to help with an open dialog arm us with better data to make better decisions about sales & marketing strategies. The robust platform will better inform the direction will go in years to come."

Elizabeth Tutscheck

Director of Marketing

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