CFO On-Call Uses HubSpot's All-in-One Marketing Software to Increase Leads 9.6X

The management team at CFO On-Call, an Australia-based financial services advisory group, realized that the company must improve their marketing strategy, as traditional methods were no longer working, if they were to remain successful. They had been reading HubSpot’s content for a long time and understood the value of inbound marketing. They began working with HubSpot in order to expand their online presence and generate more leads to support their revenue goals.


increase in leads
in six mos.


increase in traffic
in six mos.


increase in sales-qualified leads
in six mos.

CFO On-Call Team

About CFO On-Call

CFO On-Call is a smart pro-active team of Chief Financial Officers, Financial Controllers and Business Advisors, with over 20 years experience that help business owners in Australia and New Zealand.

Decline in Leads Motivates CFO On-Call to Change Their Business Strategy

Prior to HubSpot, the marketing team at CFO On-Call relied heavily on telemarketing and cold calling to generate leads for sales. Over time, they saw a decline and no longer had enough leads to support either their new customer or partner channels.  They tried to implement inbound marketing tactics, such as blogging and hosting online webinars, but found their was team operating in silos with disparate campaigns and tools.  Lacking a strong digital presence and search engine authority, their website and blog articles were also not performing well for lead generation.  For the leads they did generate, without strong brand awareness, they struggled to educate their prospective clients of services they and their partners provide. Having executed their content marketing strategy for 18 months, they decided that HubSpot’s an all-in-one platform was the best solution in order to solve these issues and grow their business. 

"Hubspot has allowed us to implement a more sophisticated style of marketing, the efficiency that HubSpot brings means we can focus on a higher level of marketing strategy."

Emily Gam

Marketing Coordinator

CFO On-Call

HubSpot Tools Help Drive Traffic and Generate Leads

The marketing team began working with their Inbound Marketing Consultant at HubSpot to develop their customer buyer personas and created a detailed profile representative of their target audience, Gary the Business Owner.  By understanding their main customer’s demographics, role and business problems, the team can create better targeted content, emails and offers for that audience.

Next, the team worked on expanding the content offerings on their website by creating whitepapers, eBooks and blog posts sharing financial advice to small business owners looking to grow.  By using HubSpot’s blogging tool, Marketing Coordinator Emily Gam, is able to leverage important keywords and topics that are being searched for by their target audience.  The tool shows Emily ways to optimize the title of her blog post, gives her SEO tips in addition to the relative SEO impact her post will have.

"HubSpot's SEO features in the blog tool are fantastic, it allows me to see how I’m using my keywords throughout the post, and prompts me to make improvements where I need to. It really helps to save time and I know we are using our keywords to their full potential," says Emily.



HubSpot's Social Inbox Improves Conversations and Saves Time

The marketing team uses HubSpot's social media tools to create custom streams to search Twitter for people who may be interested in their services, as well as reviewing PR opportunities. "The streams are a huge time saver, as it would just not be possible to go through Twitter searching for users who match our criteria," says Emily.

They also leverage the tool's color-coded tweets which allow them to see if they have a relationship with an individual.  Color-coded tweets give them more context on who they should prioritize talking to and helps tailor the conversations they're having. 

"The social media tools are so invaluable to getting messages out across all different platforms. It saves me so much time, as I am able to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + from the one platform. It is especially helpful with posting to groups in LinkedIn, and allows me to sort through which groups I want to schedule a certain message for," says Emily.

Previously, CFO On-Call had been posting messages on their social media channels individually. Not only was this time consuming, but made it difficult to keep their messaging consistant. "Posting from HubSpot's singular social dashboard, I’m able to keep my messages on topic, and with social media analyticsl I can see how individual posts are doing, what kind of response they’re getting, and how the intended audience are engaging," says Emily.  They also combine these social media tools with paid advertising and use HubSpot's analytics to review which content is generating the best return in terms of visits and leads to the website. If certain content is not performing as well as hoped, they can quickly identify and modify. "This means we are able to use our funds on campaigns that we know perform well, and not waste time or money on the ones that don’t," says Emily.

"HubSpot has enabled us to understand and manage our marketing campaigns on a whole new level, we couldn't live without it."

Lee Rogers

Operations Manager

CFO On-Call

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