CoScale Scales Up with HubSpot to Increase Customers by 4X

CoScale provides its customers with a monitoring solution that helps them optimise the performance of their websites. It initially concentrated on the development of its product; by 2015, it was ready to commercialise it. CoScale knew it was entering a competitive market and that it would need a powerful marketing solution to help it succeed. It partnered with HubSpot and since then, it has seen a 165% increase in web traffic, its inbound leads have been boosted by 250% and customers are up by 4X.


Increase in leads


Increase in website visitors


Increase in customers

CoScale Team


CoScale is a young Belgian company that offers its customers a SaaS platform for web performance monitoring and anomaly detection. Its solution is used by DevOps engineers, application owners, and marketing and business users in organisations that seek to improve their digital performance by creating faster and more available websites and applications, resulting in a better user experience and higher conversion rates.

A SaaS Company in Search of an Inbound Solution

Belgian company CoScale created a SaaS solution that helps both IT professionals and business managers to monitor and optimise the performance of their websites. By 2015, it was ready to commercialise its innovative new product. CoScale product and marketing manager, Peter Arijs, says that he realised “from the get-go”, that inbound marketing was going to be an important part of the company’s success.

“We are operating in a competitive market, and it’s important to get your message out and to manage your leads well. We knew that the right marketing automation platform would allow us to do that.”

CoScale began investigating solutions and when a colleague recommended the HubSpot software, the team started to research it. The company was impressed with how HubSpot’s business ethos – to attract, convert, close and delight the customer – aligned with its own. After a product demonstration and trial, CoScale was convinced.

“It had all the tools we needed in the one place, it was intuitive to use and we knew that it would allow us to implement a powerful marketing strategy in an integrated way. We were also impressed by the HubSpot Sales Platform. We were using a different CRM at that time, which we found to be too complicated for our needs. HubSpot’s sales software was key for us, and it has really allowed us to align our sales and marketing teams.”

"HubSpot has all the tools we could ever need to execute a successful inbound marketing strategy."

Peter Arijs

Product and Marketing Manager


Personalising the User Experience

CoScale had a number of goals that it wanted to achieve with the HubSpot Marketing Platform. Firstly, it needed to draw in the right kind of visitors with its useful, specialised content. It then wanted to get to know these prospects and nurture them through the marketing pipeline with personalised communications. Finally, it would get them to the stage where they were ready to take a free trial of its solution – after that, a lead would be passed to the customer success and sales teams.

It began the process by setting up personas for its diverse range of potential customers. “The HubSpot software really made us think about who we wanted to target and about which problems we could solve for them. We gave them names, like DevOps Dave, a technical end user in development and operations who wants to know about back end performance issues, and Marketing Mary, who wants to make sure that she isn’t losing conversions because her website is slow,” explains Peter.

The next step was to start creating content that would appeal to the various personas, starting with the blog, which CoScale set up on the Blog App

“It makes blogging very simple and effective. Adding new pages is easy with the templates provided, and we also use the SEO features and the social component to tweet each new post or publish it to LinkedIn. The built-in analytics are great as well, they let us see which of our posts are generating the most interest, and which keywords we were hitting effectively.”

The company also set up its content – articles, use cases and webinars – on Landing Pages, adding CTAs and Forms to generate leads. These are then nurtured with follow-up communications from the Email App until they are at the bottom-of-the-funnel stage. The sales team then uses the HubSpot CRM to get information on these prospects and engages with them using Workflows.

“The CRM really helps our salespeople to stay focused. They can now have much more informed and targeted conversations, and it also reminds them to follow up on any outstanding issues that a client might have.”

"The software helps us optimise our content and attract leads – it also allows us to personalise our sales process to the client’s needs."

- Peter Arijs

A Platform That Drives Big Results

According to Peter, the HubSpot software has allowed CoScale to automate less valuable tasks and focus instead on honing a strategy that gets results. It certainly seems to be working. In the 12 months since the company adopted it, it has seen a 165% increase in web traffic, its inbound leads have been boosted by 250% and its customers are up by 4X.

“It’s really allowed us get a clear vision of the prospect’s whole journey, from where they came from to what they are looking for. That visibility has allows us to cater to their needs and build their trust, and that’s made closing deals a whole lot easier for us.”

Looking to the future, CoScale plans to keep expanding its company and increasing its customer base, and the HubSpot software will be an essential part of this growth.

“We’re very happy. HubSpot’s software is a key part of our business and helps us get the results we need.”

"I would recommend the HubSpot software to any organisation that is looking to build an inbound strategy. It’s helping us generate more leads and sales."

- Peter Arijs

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