Datanyze uses HubSpot to Improve Marketing Efficiencies and Increase Leads

Sales technology innovator Datanyze previously used a number of separate systems to manage its marketing. The systems weren’t integrated, resulting in the company’s marketing team spending too much time on manual processes and having limited ways to leverage report data. Datanyze turned to HubSpot to streamline its marketing activities, gain better visibility into their customer behaviors, and scale it's marketing programs.


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About Datanyze

Datanyze provides a sales intelligence platform to help businesses uncover, research and reach the right prospects at the right time. Datanyze is the preferred sales intelligence solution for top technology providers like HubSpot, Dyn, and KISSmetrics. The Datanyze platform delivers more qualified leads, accurate lead information and increases overall sales results for businesses ranging from startups to the Global 2,000.

Seeking a Unified Approach

Smiling and dialing is a thing of the past. Thanks to Datanyze, sales teams across the country and around the world can gain better insights about prospective customers to make better pitches before they ever pick up the phone.

The innovative sales platform helps revenue teams identify hot prospects, combining real-time information about the sizes of businesses, the software they use, and key contacts within an organization. The disruptive technology garnered early attention and adoption from high-profile tech companies, but expanding the message proved a bit more challenging.

Datanyze previously relied on a number of separate tools and platforms to drive its business development and lead nurturing efforts. Managing applications for email marketing, web analytics, and other essential activities required time-consuming manual processes and constant toggling between numerous systems.

 “None of the solutions we were using offered much in the way of transparent or easy-to-understand information and they weren’t integrated,” says Datanyze’s Director of Marketing, Sam Laber. “We wanted a way to consolidate our essential marketing activities into one place and automate the most time-consuming tasks so we could be more efficient and productive.”

"HubSpot helps us identify where our leads are coming from and which messaging is getting their attention in ways we never could before."

Sam Laber

Director of Marketing


Less Time Learning, More Time Working

Inspired by HubSpot’s blog posts, e-books and customer success stories, Sam took a closer look at the comprehensive marketing platform. He compared it with other solutions top marketing solutions, but chose HubSpot because of its extensive features, intuitive interface, and how it aligned with Datanyze’s marketing needs.

“Hubspot has an array of features and capabilities that support virtually every aspect of our marketing strategies,” he says. “And it’s easier to grasp, meaning we spend less time learning how it works and more time actually using it.” 

Previously, Datanyze had little visibility into where its leads came from or how to effectively guide those visitors through the purchase process. HubSpot provides a unified platform for capturing, segmenting, nurturing and reporting on marketing-driven leads.

Now, Sam’s team uses HubSpot Blogging, Social Inbox, and SEO apps to create optimized and easily searchable content to drive traffic to the website and HubSpot Lead Management to track where leads originate.  At the same time, Forms simplify capturing the contact information of interested visitors, while the Email marketing app and list management feature offer an effortless path for inviting prospects to webinars and other premium events and tracking their responses. 

Once a visitor completes a form, Workflows create automated paths for leads to convert into marketing qualified leads, funneling hot prospects right into the Datanyze sales database for assignment to a sales specialist.

“HubSpot helps us identify where our leads are coming from and which messaging is getting their attention in ways we never could before,” Sam says. “Not only do we have unprecedented granularity in our data, but we also have a clearly defined path for uniquely engaging every prospect that comes into our funnel to maximize our sales and our ROI.”

"Using HubSpot software has dramatically improved our ability to attract the right leads and convert them at a higher rate."

- Sam Laber

Better Information, Better Leads, and Better Results

Since deploying HubSpot, Sam says that there have been noticeable improvements across the company’s marketing operations. In particular, he cites improved monitoring of social media platforms, faster design of optimized Landing Pages, and more relevant content as primary benefits of the marketing platform.

Not only is his team more efficient and better equipped to be successful, but also the new efficiencies have had allowed them to scale their business and the results are hard to ignore.


“Using HubSpot software has dramatically improved our ability to attract the right leads and convert them at a higher rate,” Sam says. “In the last six months, we’ve increased our organic traffic by 135%, boosted leads by a factor of 5, and are thrilled to see a 23% lead to customer conversion rate. It’s been an incredible experience and put us on a path for unprecedented growth.”

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