Consumer Services Success Story: Distinctive Landscaping

Distinctive Landscaping spotted a weakness in his competitors: many of them didn't have a website. They wanted to create not just a web site, but a lead generation machine that would help them drive customers, and beat their competition.


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Distinctive Landscaping, Inc. Team

About Distinctive Landscaping

Distinctive Landscaping, Inc. is a landscaper maintenance service provider, specializing in all aspects of landscape care.

About Distinctive Landscaping, Inc.

Distinctive Landscaping, Inc. is a North Attleboro landscaper maintenance service provider, specializing in all aspects of landscape care. Founded in 1996, Distinctive Landscaping’s team has worked diligently to enhance their clients' properties as well as their own reputation throughout the community.

After a few years in the business, Distinctive Landscaping’s President, Jason Scott, noticed a void in his industry—many of his competitors didn’t have a website, in spite of the fact that more and more people were using online search engines to find products and services. What if Distinctive Landscaping had a website that ranked at the top for businesses in their area? What if they could turn all the web traffic that came to their site via that search engine ranking into leads, and ultimately, customers?

Which Marketing Investments Move the Needle?

Even though Jason had identified a promising competitive advantage by creating the Distinctive Landscaping website, his team struggled to understand which of their marketing investments were paying off. They tried everything from local newspaper ads to Google AdWords, yet their business just wasn’t growing and their website wasn't ranking high enough for industry-specific keywords. Their blog (which Jason set up somewhat reluctantly), didn’t get much love and had no analytics that enabled the team to track the results of their blogging efforts.

Frustrated yet determined to succeed, Jason decided to see if HubSpot All-in-One Marketing Software could enable him to achieve the company’s goals of increasing traffic and leads generated through their website and building a healthy, sustainable business for the long term.

HubSpot Helped Distinctive Landscaping Gain an Edge

Through initial training with their Inbound Marketing Consultant, Distinctive Landscaping learned how to identify which keywords could help them get found by more prospective customers in their service area, while reducing the cost of their overall marketing budget. Jason used HubSpot’s Keyword tool, to identify and ultimately rank 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th for most of their top keywords.

By using the HubSpot Blogging tool, Jason was able to make blogging part of his routine, thanks to the user-friendly platform, helpful optimization tools, and detailed blog analytics. Once Jason was able to track the results of each post, he realized that more blogging = more leads! Now he blogs almost weekly, even during his busiest seasons—an effort which has helped Distinctive Landscaping double their overall traffic over the last year.


HubSpot’s Marketing Analytics tools, was the final piece of the puzzle that helped Distinctive Landscaping gain a major competitive edge. Through this tool, Jason’s team was given the power to track all of their marketing efforts, easily identify exactly how their customers were finding their business, and adjust their marketing investments accordingly. HubSpot’s Competitor Tracking tool provided the team with an extra advantage by enabling them to gauge what competitors were doing, and what they needed to do to stay on top. Today, Distinctive Landscaping ranks higher on search engines than all of their competitors.

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