EHS Insight Increased Ad Conversions 90% Using HubSpot Ads Tool

EHS Insight, a StarTex Software brand, is a Houston-based environmental, health and safety (EHS) software company. EHS Insight is on a mission to make the world a better place, more than a hundred thousand users across the globe rely on EHS Insight to lower the environmental impact of their business operations. Prior to using HubSpot Ads, measuring and optimizing digital ads was a complex and lengthy process. As an early adopter of the new add-on by HubSpot, they quickly were up and running with the ability to measure multi-channel ad performance. Given this new capability to improve underperforming ad campaigns, the team at EHS Insight has seen dramatic results.


increase in ad conversions


increase in new contacts


increase in site visits

About EHS Insight

EHS Insight is the world’s most flexible, powerful, easy to use environmental, health and safety software. Since 2009, the team at EHS Insight have been on a mission to make the world a better place. Today, more than a hundred thousand users in more than 45 countries rely on EHS Insight software, services and support to transform the way they work and to lower the environmental impact of their operations.

Ads and Inbound, a Nontraditional Pairing

EHS Insight has a two person marketing team, CEO and President Gary McDonald and Marketing Strategy Analyst, Mohamad Bozo. At the beginning of 2015, Gary and Mo started using HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing automation platform. They launched an inbound marketing strategy aimed at growing brand awareness online in order to drive leads and sales for their growing business. Inbound marketing was working for them but they faced two challenges to meet their ambitious growth goals;

  • Rank higher in organic search results for targeted keywords

  • Generate more leads from high performing content

They found it hard to rank fast enough for the organic search terms they were targeting and started using Google search ads (AdWords) alongside their SEO and content strategy to make sure they won clicks on important keywords. While they continued strengthening their organic search results, in time, found the pairing of ads and organic an excellent combination.

"Inbound and Paid campaigns absolutely must be in harmony to maximize the value for us."

Gary McDonald

CEO and President

EHS Insight

Accelerating Growth with Search and Social Advertising

To elevate their online growth, the team at EHS Insight started using search and social advertising. They combined Google search ads with SEO to win more real estate on the search engine results page for targeted keywords. In addition, they started using social ads to promote their best performing content. For example, they used LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to promote specific blog posts that featured a high performing CTA to get a software demo.

The addition of ads to their inbound strategy helped EHS Insight get more out of their marketing efforts. However, they still struggled to understand exact ad campaign results and were spending a lot of time manually analyzing performance in order to better optimize their ad campaigns.

“We frequently fine-tune our keyword strategy, increase our bids—to improve our impression share—and perform A/B testing. This allows us to test which ad copy delivers the greatest marketing return.” - Mohamad Bozo, Marketing Strategist, EHS Insight

To effectively leverage ads it’s important to understand what is working and what’s not, so you can turn off or tweak ads that might be costing your company money. They quickly realized they needed a better way to optimize and manage ad campaigns to achieve their lofty goals.

"HubSpot Ads makes it much easier to keep an eye on the results of campaigns across channels. We can make better decisions in less time."

- Gary McDonald

The Easiest Way to Create, Measure and Optimize Ads

Their team heard about HubSpot’s new Ads Add-On and realized there was now an easy way to bring their ads under one dashboard within HubSpot. They connected their ads account and were thrilled by the ability to merge all their digital ads data with HubSpot data. This combined view of everything allowed them to see which ads generated MQLs and the overall ROI of all ads. This allowed them to get rid of their spreadsheet system and save time by putting the most important information (conversions) at their fingertips - automatically.

“Inbound and Paid campaigns absolutely must be in harmony to maximize the value for us. HubSpot Ads makes it much easier to keep an eye on both and to correlate the results of campaigns across channels. We can make better decisions in less time.” - Gary McDonald, CEO, EHS Insight


They now launch new LinkedIn campaigns through the Ads Add-On and use the tool as their primary way of measuring success for both AdWords and LinkedIn. With the Ads Add-On, their team has the information they need to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t, which has allowed them to take their ads campaigns to the next level and drive more conversions.

"We have seen a lot more conversions due to our increase in spend, landing page updates and HubSpot Ads. The add-on empowers us to measure results and improve underperforming areas."

- Mohamad Bozo

Marketing Strategy Analyst

EHS Insight

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