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Firefish was using a variety of marketing tactics and programs, but had no way of telling how effective any of them were. Their cost per customer acquisition was through the roof. They were up against stiff competition, and needed to find a way to differentiate themselves, without increasing their budget.


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Firefish Software Team

About Firefish

Firefish Software develops applications to execute on recruiting and staffing with efficiency.

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"If you're a marketing professional, HubSpot is a great way to concisely demonstrate you and your team's results to executive staff. Many companies are reluctant to invest in marketing because they have no simple way to measure ROI. HubSpot changes that, making it easy for the decision-makers in an organization to have confidence in the benefits of a strong marketing team - and with that confidence comes results."

- Wendy McDougall, CEO Firefish Software


Firefish Software was born out of a high performance recruitment team. Technology was making racing advances and they saw the potential to change the face of recruitment. Today Firefish Software has become your secretary, your personal assistant, and your marketer. It reminds you of your interview appointments, suggests appropriate candidates for jobs based on your needs, integrates with all your favorite social media, monitors your careers site activity, and funnels the maximum number of candidates back to your website. Firefish Software provides an engine for your careers site, a social recruitment platform, an applicant tracking system, and all the other tools to build a successful recruitment team.


  • Firefish was using a variety of marketing tactics but were finding that the overall cost of customer acquisition was much too high for their budget and for a company of their size.

  • They were facing stiff competition from much larger, well known companies and Firefish needed a way to gauge how their tactics were working compared to their competitors in order to break through to potential customers.

  • Firefish tried using different marketing programs but had no way to tell which programs were actually effective and were not able toaccuratelymeasure the return on investment of each program.


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  • Firefish used HubSpot’s Competitor Trackingtool to see a birds-eye view of the market relative to their own strengths and weaknesses. With this tool, they were able to target their marketing activities, develop as a business, and rise against the competition.

  • With HubSpot’s Lead Intelligence tools,Firefish was able to immediately discover detailed information about each lead: what they are interested in and whether or not they are close to purchasing. Their marketing team understands which leads should be passed onto sales and which leads they should nurture more.

  • Firefish used HubSpot’s Blogging feature to help them drive traffic to their website, spark interest in prospective clients, and provide added value to their existing clients. The tool has allowed them to easily manage their blog posts and monitor what kind of traffic they’re getting. They saved a great deal of time by being able to check all their stats in one place, which in turn made their marketing team more focused and productive.

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Firefish blog

"Without HubSpot Software, we'd have found it very difficult to qualify how likely a potential client was to purchase. With HubSpot Software, we have a good idea of how ready a lead is to buy before the sales team are even involved, meaning their time is used much more efficiently."

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