Environmental Success Story: Heritage Environmental Services

Heritage Environmental Services was having trouble seeing a complete picture of their marketing efforts and outcomes. They were using various tools that didn't communicate information well with each other.


ROI seen with HubSpot


increase in leads


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Heritage Environmental Services Team

About Heritage Environmental Services

Heritage Environmental Services has been one of the country’s premier private environmental services firms since 1970.

About Heritage Environmental Services

Since 1970, Heritage Environmental Services has been one of the country’s premier private environmental services firms. They offer a range of services including waste treatment and disposal, incineration, logistics, healthcare services, industrial cleaning, chemical packing and laboratory services. Heritage is devoted to creating higher standards, developing more innovative methods, and finding new technologies.


Prior to using HubSpot, the marketing team struggled because they were using various tools which together were still not giving them a full picture of their marketing. They used an unreliable tracking program, a search engine keyword ad tool, and simple lead contact forms that didn’t provide them with a lot of useful information. Their marketing was becoming increasingly expensive, ineffective, and difficult to manage.

How could Heritage reduce costs while making their marketing both easier to manage and more effective?

"Honestly, the A-ha moment was the first time our team logged in and demoed the HubSpot software. When we saw all the internet marketing tools that were at our disposal, we were sold. There were so many useful tools we didn't know where to begin!"

Over the past three years of using HubSpot, they have seen a 500% return on their investment with HubSpot. As a result, they were excited to be able to add another full-time person to their marketing staff!

Growing Reach Through Social Media

Heritage uses the HubSpot Software’s Social Media Platform to improve their reach and save time. They easily send all their social media posts from one central portal. Sharing content is simple. Through sharing their blog posts, they are working toward their goal of becoming thought leaders in the field. In the past six months, Heritage’s social media reach has grown by 135%.

Social Media Reach Heritage

Generating Leads Then Nurturing Them

Heritage is excited that they can use the HubSpot software’s Landing Page Tool to set up and roll out a landing page in just minutes. They can save time through collecting leads in this easy way which is fully integrated with Salesforce.com and their own website. "As a longtime user of Salesforce, we were thrilled when we discovered the integration tool!" Their landing pages have an average conversion rate of 16%. In the past year, their leads have increased by 58%. "We really love the lead nurturing campaigns because it automates the follow-up process after initial contact. This is important because a lot of times our sales representatives can't contact the prospect immediately. This at least buys us an extra day or two!"

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