Impulse Creative Scales Business and Increases Retainer Client Revenue 6X with HubSpot Partnership

Impulse Creative is a branding and inbound marketing agency. Until just two years ago, it was primarily project based and looking for a way to scale. Remington Begg, Chief Remarkable Officer, wanted to grow his retainer client base, improve ROI, and increase brand awareness. Begg found the solution by partnering with HubSpot and leveraging its inbound marketing methodology and software.


Increase in Revenue
in 2 Yrs


Increase in Retainer Client Revenue
in 2 Yrs


Increase in Monthly Leads

About Impulse Creative

Impulse Creative is a branding and inbound marketing agency that leverages a strategic blend of marketing awesomeness to create a consistent message for its clients. The agency’s diverse team helps clients outline and achieve their goals, grow their business, and Be Remarkable!

Impulse Creative Looks to Grow Retainer Client Business

Prior to becoming a HubSpot Partner, Impulse Creative’s own marketing solution was incredibly fragmented.  With different tools being used for email, social, website and analytics, it was impossible to understand which marketing efforts were translating into sales. Impulse Creative sought an all-in-one marketing solution that would bring all pieces of the marketing funnel together to more effectively execute campaigns.

Additionally, Impulse Creative was 98% project based. Remington Begg, Chief Remarkable Officer, says he was constantly searching for new clients and while customer satisfaction was high, most clients only appreciated its design work.  Impulse Creative recognized a need to measure ROI for its clients and scale its business by growing its retainer client base.

"Hubspot has not only allowed our agency to embrace the inbound experience, but it has also opened up our agency to being able to transform the way we report progress to our clients. Not only are we generating amazing results, we get to show it to our clients every day through the simple reporting."

Remington Begg

Chief Remarkable Officer

Impulse Creative

Impulse Creative Partners with HubSpot

Partnering with HubSpot has revolutionized Impulse Creative. Begg says, “We've been able to build our culture around inbound, and our growth to date has been incredible.”  Not only does Impulse Creative use HubSpot marketing software for its own inbound efforts, it has used HubSpot’s tools to transform the way the agency does business with clients.  Moving beyond project based work, Impulse Creative now offers retainer contracts in inbound training, consulting, and full-service delivery.  The agency can now forecast and plan its future revenue and business growth.

HubSpot’s inbound marketing platform has also transformed the businesses of Impulse Creative’s clients. The agency’s favorite HubSpot feature is the Campaigns tool, which it uses with clients to track specific campaigns and drive ROI.  Impulse Creative also loves using HubSpot’s Analytics tools. “Not only are we generating amazing results, we get to show it to our clients every day through the simple reporting tools.”


Beyond revolutionizing Impulse Creative’s business, partnering with HubSpot has given the agency access to a world of training and support.  According to Begg, “The support of HubSpot and other agency partners is pretty remarkable. There is a big camaraderie; I see everyone as my peer.  We’re always open to help each other out. The community and training has been incredible.”  Begg has brought a similar training mindset to Impulse Creative, requiring that all employees obtain all five HubSpot inbound certifications.

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"I see a need for people to really understand marketing more for their companies. And HubSpot is at the forefront. Every step of working with HubSpot is a delight. As a business owner, it’s a no-brainer."

Remington Begg

Chief Remarkable Officer

Impulse Creative

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