Music School Grows Customer Base 400% Using HubSpot

Jammin' With You relied primarly on word-of-mouth marketing for new clients. These were high-quality leads, but there simply weren't enough of them. They wanted to generate leads through their website, but it was far from an interactive, easy-to-use, home page aimed towards achieving their marketing and sales goals.


increase in customer base


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Jammin' With You Team

About Jammin' With You

Jammin' With You provides in-home music lessons in Boston and the Metro West area.

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Challenge: Website Did Not Generate Leads

Before HubSpot, Jammin’ With You relied on word-of-mouth for new clients and was not able to generate leads through its website. “We had a website that was basically a commercial,” Josh said. The only way people could express interest in the service was by email or phone. “And that didn’t happen very often,” Josh added.

Solution: HubSpot’s CMS with Easy-to-Optimize Landing Pages & Blog

HubSpot’s easy-to-use CMS helped transform Jammin’ With You's website into a lead generation machine.

First, Josh is empowered to make instant changes, aligned with inbound marketing best practices. “I have to do a little bit of everything at the company,” he said. “So being able to go on and just change the time on the website, or put up a new picture, or put up a quick news blog, or announce something to our parents—that has been huge.”

Second, HubSpot’s Landing Pages provide Josh with easily customizable forms to collect leads. “Everyone has been coming to the site and signing up, and classes are starting to fill up,” he said. Josh has created over 50 forms for different events as well as one for each of his music teachers.

Third, HubSpot’s blogging platform has improved organic traffic for Jammin’ With You with less effort. As Josh said, “You can write a couple of paragraphs, and HubSpot takes care of the rest.” The Blog Optimizer guides you in writing well-optimized blogs by indicating the need for more keywords, better meta tags and other SEO tips.

Results: Rapid Customer & Employee Growth

  • Grew customer base by 400%
  • Nearly tripled number of teachers
  • Tremendously reduced paid search expenses

“HubSpot has made a world of difference,” said Josh. In one year, his site has attracted hundreds of customers—from 100 when Jammin’ With You first started with HubSpot to about 500 customers now.

The music school has grown its number of teachers from 10 to 26, and soon to be 30. It also expanded into a performance and program space, something Josh thought of as “a pipe dream that was years off in the future.” Now, he and his team are already running programs and performances in their dream space.

With HubSpot’s help, Josh is also spending a lot less money on marketing channels that were less effective. PPC, the channel Josh relied on most in the past, is no longer a priority and spending for it has tremendously decreased. Instead, Josh has focused on organic search. Jammin’ With You grew organic traffic 10x in less than a year, from 60 visits in September 2009 to over 600 visits in June 2010.

Organic Search Jammin' With You

“My phone is constantly ‘Ding, Ding, Ding,” with leads and customers,” said Josh. “I don’t see why it would stop anytime soon.”

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