Kineo Increases Lead Generation and Conversions with HubSpot

Elearning company, Kineo, has a huge base of potential customers, across the world. Until recently, however, it was using a collection of different tools for its inbound marketing, and they weren’t powerful enough to help it achieve its goal of attracting more and better leads. By partnering with HubSpot, Kineo succeeded in its mission, gaining 3,000 new leads within six months.


New leads within 6 months


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City & Guilds Kineo Team

About Kineo

Kineo is a global workplace learning company that helps businesses improve performance through learning and technology. Kineo was founded in 2005 to ‘stir up’ how learning technology was used in the workplace. By 2012, it had over 150 employees and was operating in seven countries. It was then that Kineo was brought into one of the world’s leading learning and skills businesses, the City & Guilds Group.

Making the Move to Smarter Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has long been part of Kineo’s strategy, says Kelsie Scully, who is part of the company’s digital marketing team. “We have a strong business ethos of creating great content and giving back to our community.”

However, Kineo was using a disparate set of tools to achieve its inbound marketing goals, including Hootsuite for social media and dotmailer for emails. But it wasn’t getting any information about what happened to potential leads once they had seen an email or tweet; it couldn’t track, score or follow up with potential customers. The team needed a solution which would enhance its content marketing work, rather than tools that created more work.

“Because the tools we were using didn’t provide us with a clear visibility, it was hard to formulate consistent marketing tactics,” explains Kelsie. “We needed to improve the quality and the quantity of leads that we were bringing into the business, and we also needed to be able to measure success.”

In 2014, Kineo began hunting for a solution that would make this possible and evaluated a range of options before making its decision. “We considered sticking with separate systems or moving marketing automation into a larger CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics. But it was clear HubSpot was the all-in-one solution we needed.”

"The HubSpot Marketing Platform stood out from the crowd. It has everything we need to be successful and more."

Kelsie Scully

Digital Marketing Executive


Personalising the Journey for Every Lead

Kineo began implementing the HubSpot Marketing Platform in June 2014, setting up its content on Landing Pages, accompanied by CTAs and Forms that are tweaked for the visitor’s stage in the marketing funnel.

“Before, we just had basic, one-size-fits all forms, but now we are making them more personal, and that means we’re getting more high-quality leads,” says Kelsie. “The form fields are amazing, you can come up with any question you want and can create any form you want.”

The marketing team also uses the Social Inbox App to organise, schedule, and publish Kineo’s social media content. Through the tracking codes built into the HubSpot software, it can then demonstrate to the company just how successful its efforts have been.

“By being able to show the drastic increase in web traffic that we’ve gained using the HubSpot software, we’re able to prove worth,” says Kelsie. “I know sometimes people can be skeptical about the value of social media, but we say ‘look, these are how many contacts we are getting to our website now’, and that’s really helpful.”

One of Kineo’s main goals when it got started with the HubSpot Marketing Platform was to get insights on its visitors and leads – who they are, what they do with its content and what actions they take afterwards. It achieves this with the Contacts App, where it can view every interaction that a lead has had with the company, including details of their website visits, emails, downloads and social media posts.

It then uses Workflows to nurture these potential customers through the marketing funnel. According to Kelsie, “We really love Workflows because they’re so dynamic and easy to set up. The options seem unlimited and anything seems possible; we can really tailor our communications to fit where our contacts are in their customer journey. Then, when they have been nurtured through the funnel, we send them to the sales department, and our salespeople have access to all this information about how a contact has interacted. They can build a more personal relationship with the contact because they know what they want to talk about.”

"We’re delighted that we chose HubSpot. The software has helped take our marketing to the next level."

- Kelsie Scully

The Value of Inbound Marketing Revealed Through Results

Kineo’s marketing team was keen to demonstrate the value of its content marketing, and since implementing the HubSpot software, it has been able to do just that. The company gained 3,000 new contacts within the first six months; within 12 months, social media traffic to its website had increased by 30%. Its content is also bringing in results, with Kineo’s Landing Page conversion rate now standing at 30%.  

“We produce a Learning Insights report each year and it has done really well for us, in fact, it’s still getting us leads every day. We’ve received over 1,600 new contacts from it and it has a 50% conversion rate,” says Kelsie.

She is also confident that the HubSpot Marketing Platform will continue to help Kineo achieve its longer-term goals. “We’re planning to really dig into the Campaigns App and make sure we track every little bit of what we’re doing. That will give us more insights into what are the most useful strategies to invest in and also help us define our market and understand the trends that are going on there.”

Inbound marketing will be key to Kineo’s future growth, and Kelsie is sure that the company has chosen the right platform to help it scale up. “The HubSpot software has always been what I wanted and more in a solution. Not only that, as a business, HubSpot practices what it preaches. The ethos of good inbound marketing is clear in every communication and interaction we have with HubSpot.”

"HubSpot has greatly improved both the number and quality of leads we generate for our sales team. It’s been a big win for Kineo."

- Kelsie Scully

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