Events Company MacGuffin Boosts Leads by 29X with HubSpot

Madrid-based events company MacGuffin has a remarkable list of clients and a reputation for producing the spectacular. Oscar Santiago Saracho, its CEO and founding partner, wanted the company’s marketing to be equally impressive. It needed to move away from the old-fashioned methods that were producing smaller returns with each passing year. MacGuffin teamed up with marketing agency A Small Job to launch a new inbound strategy through the HubSpot Marketing Platform. Since then, its leads have increased by an amazing 29X and website traffic is up by 3X.


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Increase in website traffic


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MacGuffin Team


MacGuffin is a Madrid-based events company that has worked with an impressive list of clients, including IBM, McDonald´s, Repsol and Fox. It specialises in immersive design; its events are vibrant, exciting and effective, and guests are given opportunities to interact, share and be heard. From roadshows to inaugurations, from meetings to street marketing, MacGuffin is committed to making everything it produces is truly spectacular.

A Go-To Events Company Looking for a Joined-Up Solution

By 2015, Madrid-based MacGuffin had built a reputation as a go-to events company, but its marketing wasn’t performing quite as spectacularly. It was still using old-fashioned methods, such as cold calling and direct mail, to achieve its goals. It was a strategy that was becoming more expensive and less successful with each passing year; Oscar Santiago Saracho, MacGuffin’s CEO and founding partner, wanted to make a change.

He researched the inbound marketing methodology and was convinced that it was the way forward for the company. However, the online tools that it began to use, such MailChimp for emails, the Insightly CRM and WordPress for its blog and website, weren’t powerful or integrated enough to produce real results.

It teamed up with marketing agency A Small Job to launch a new inbound marketing strategy through the HubSpot Marketing Platform.

“From our very first meeting, Oscar was adamant that he wanted to use the HubSpot software, as HubSpot had created the inbound methodology,” explains Juan Pablo Sánchez, CEO and creative director of A Small Job. “He knew that the platform had everything MacGuffin needed to be truly successful with its new strategy – this was the all-in-one solution that he was looking for.”

The stage was set for a complete overhaul of MacGuffin’s marketing, and it signed up with HubSpot in 2015.

"Before the HubSpot software, MacGuffin was spending an incredible amount of time manually nurturing leads through the marketing funnel. It was a huge investment and lacked precision. We knew that there had to be a better way."

Juan Pablo Sánchez

CEO and Creative Director

A Small Job

Creating Content That Converts

Juan says the first thing that he did was migrate MacGuffin’s website and blog to the HubSpot Website Platform. Once that was in place, he set about identifying the company’s buyer personas. Through workshops with ten key MacGuffin employees, he discovered the needs, wants and pain points of the company’s potential customers. The next step was to create the content that would convert them.

He used the Blog App to publish regular articles that got to the core of what these personas were interested in, and he promoted each new post on social media with the Social Inbox. Soon, traffic to the website increased and visitors delved deeper, following CTAs to download content such as ebooks and whitepapers, which were set up on Landing Pages.

Thanks to this highly targeted strategy, MacGuffin saw that not only the quantity but also the quality of its leads increased; it started getting more responses from people who were in charge of organising and paying for their company’s events. Juan set up Workflows to nurture them.

“We have a special Workflow for high quality business leads; it gets activated when they fill out a form that indicates that they are responsible for more than €500,000 of spending.”

MacGuffin also used Workflows to reconnect with its database of over 4,000 Contacts. Before partnering with HubSpot, they were being left to go cold – now, it could cultivate better relationships with them automatically and reactivate their journey through the marketing funnel.

One of MacGuffin’s goals was to more closely align its sales and marketing functions. To this end, it has moved the sales team onto the HubSpot CRM. Now, they can get a better view of how a prospect has interacted with the company before they call – they also know what they are interested in and how they can help.

“It has been a revelation for them. It has given them a really clear picture of what is going on every quarter and also what they have in the pipeline.”

"The HubSpot Marketing and Sales software has given MacGuffin the means to target prospects in personalised and clever way."

- Juan Pablo Sánchez

A Website That Became a Lead-Generation Machine

Juan says that MacGuffin started seeing the fruits of its labour after just a month using the HubSpot Marketing Platform. Today, website traffic is up by 3X, while leads have increased by an incredible 29X. It’s a remarkable success story.

Revenue has been boosted as well, with the MacGuffin sales team already winning some important new clients. Every time that a new Landing Page is published, MacGuffin’s sales director prepares for an influx of new prospects, as their conversion rates are so high. One particular page, which is home to a downloadable ebook on public speaking, converts 46% of visitors.

Looking ahead, Juan plans to provide inbound sales training for the entire sales department. According to Oscar, the MacGuffin CEO, the switch to inbound has been a resounding success.  “Thanks to A Small Job and the HubSpot software, we have transformed our digital performance. We’ve more time to spend on higher value activities – all the information we need is there in the platform and we’ve been able to say goodbye to spreadsheets for good.”

"We now get to know our leads and clients in a completely different way, and the results are better than we could have ever imagined."

Oscar Santiago Saracho



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