National Fatherhood Initiative Integrates Disparate Tools With HubSpot and Saves 11% of Annual Marketing Spend

As the nation's largest provider of fatherhood resources and programs, the marketing and development team at NFI wanted to find a scalable solution that would allow them to efficiently reach their unique target audiences of military, corrections, and community-based organizations. Using HubSpot, they've improved brand awareness and their ability to advance the well-being of children nationwide.


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About National Fatherhood Initiative

The National Fatherhood Initiative is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the well-being of children through the promotion of responsible fatherhood. Founded in 1994, their mission is threefold; to educate society on the important role dads play, equip organizations with resources and training to help them serve fathers, and engage in partnerships across all sectors to promote responsible fatherhood.

Disjointed Systems Hindering Sales and Donations

Prior to HubSpot, the National Fatherhood Initiative was using a number of disconnected and disparate tools to make up their marketing ecosystem, including several free or budget tools ranging from Google Analytics, Constant Contact to HootSuite and SurveyMonkey.

It was extremely difficult to make changes to their website and without clear paths for visitors to take action, they weren't generating many leads. They recognized a huge missed opportunity because the majority of people visiting them were not from their target constituent groups, rather, were people searching for information that NFI did not provide. 

As donor and constituent communication moved online, NFI needed a more user-friendly, integrated system to improve their marketing efficiency and to provide the ability to target their three unique constituent groups in order to further their mission of fatherhood advocacy. 

When the VP of Marketing, Melissa Steward was hired at NFI, she saw the need to find a solution that would maximize her and NFI's marketing and sales effectiveness. Melissa presented the concept of inbound marketing to the president and executive team, explaining how using HubSpot would increase brand awareness and expose their products and services to more people in order to generate sales and donations. By following the inbound marketing methodology, they could decrease the majority of their traditional marketing costs, such as print ads and direct mail, that were no longer impacting the bottom line. The team excitedly moved forward knowing that HubSpot would integrate their disparate systems and give their team the ability to track their marketing efforts in one place.  

"With HubSpot we can easily manage and track web performance, email, blog, and social media from one place. It's changed the way our organization communicates and engages with our constituents."

Vincent DiCaro

Vice President, Development and Communication

National Fatherhood Initiative

Using HubSpot Helps Grow Their Online Presence and Impact

To better engage their community online, the marketing team at NFI turned to HubSpot's Social Inbox. The tool not only allows them to manage all of their social channels from one place, it also allows them to see how interconnected social media is with their website, blog, and email. Using the social media tools saves them time every day and gives them instant insight on how social media plays a major role in sharing education and encouraging advocacy. 

They also use the Blog tool to create optimized, educational posts to teach their target audiences the importance and impact of responsible fatherhood. HubSpot makes it easy to promote their thought-leadership by sharing posts across their social media channels from a centralized place. No longer attracting "irrelevant" traffic to their blog, they convert a greater number of visitors into leads by creating clear Calls-to-Action to further constituent engagement and involvement.

Using HubSpot has allowed NFI to focus their attention on the visitors who matter most, rather than operating in an unfocused, “let’s please everyone” fashion. Using Landing Pages and forms, they gather information on their constituents' interests. Next, they use the Lists tool to segment their main customer personas. The team uses a variety of Workflows to enhance engagement by creating "relationships" with people by automatically relaying additional opportunities for people to get involved based on their expressed interests.

All of their marketing activities and constituent data are measured using Hubspot's Analytics tools, including the Sources report (see below). They now have a user-friendly reporting tool that gives an overview on where traffic is coming from, how people are engaging with their website, blog, email and social media channels, all of which allows them to make better informed marketing decisions that will further the impact of their mission. 


"The wonder of HubSpot is that it's such an incredibly robust and powerful tool, but also is simple to use. That alone has been a huge boon to our marketing efforts. Not everyone on our staff is tech savvy, so a system that is powerful but user-friendly is important to us. "

Vincent DiCaro

Vice President, Development and Communication

National Fatherhood Initiative

Transforming their Nonprofit Using the COS and Dynamic Content

The NFI recently launched their new website with the help of New Breed Marketing, a HubSpot partner agency. They're now using HubSpot's Content Optimization System (COS), where they'll begin testing Smart Calls-to-Action on their blog and homepage. Their old content management system, Blackbaud NetCommunity, integrated with their Raiser's Edge donation platform but as a CMS was rigid and very difficult to edit. At the 2013 annual INBOUND conference, Melissa learned about HubSpot's new COS and immediately knew it was going to be a game-changer for their organization. She exclaimed, "Wow! This is exactly what we need to talk to our specific target customer personas in a more personalized way!"

HubSpot's COS gives complete control to Melissa and the marketers at NFI to easily publish mobile-friendly, optimized content and pages on their new website.  They're looking forward to seeing results from dynamic content and smart CTAs that tailor to their different personas. For example, once a visitor has indicated on a form they work for a community-based organization, such as a pregnancy center, upon their next visit to the NFI website, the homepage CTAs will adjust to reflect various blog posts, downloads and resources that are revelant to that segment. Because their customer segments have unique interests and needs, the COS will allow NFI to provide a highly personal online user experience that will improve engagement, exposure and education.


"Since adopting HubSpot, we've saved 11% of our annual marketing budget by cutting ineffective traditional marketing activities and by practicing inbound marketing instead."

Melissa Steward

Vice President of Marketing

National Fatherhood Initiative

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