Nectafy Finds Out for Themselves, “Does HubSpot Really Work?”

Nectafy joined the HubSpot partner program and blogged about every nitty gritty detail of the HubSpot software from the perspective of a new partner. This blogging experiment got the attention of a HubSpot founder and also landed Nectafy their first inbound marketing retainer client.


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Increase in headcount from 2 to 10 employees


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Nectafy Team


Nectafy is an agency with a 100% remote policy for employees. The company focuses on inbound marketing, servicing clients all over the United States.

The Blogging Experiment that Went Viral

In 2012, Lance Cummins got a call from a client with a sales rep from HubSpot on the line. Initially, Lance thought HubSpot software was a competitor to his agency. But, after multiple conversations, Lance realized that HubSpot and Nectafy could partner to bring more value to his clients than he could alone.


Once Nectafy was onboard, Lance decided to blog about his entire experience as a new partner. He tested out the software to find out for himself, “Does HubSpot really work?” That blog post made it's way onto the laptop screen of HubSpot’s Co-Founder and CTO, Dharmesh Shah. Dharmesh shared the blog post and within two days Nectafy had their first inbound marketing client (who is still a client today).

"The most valuable part of the relationship between Nectafy and HubSpot is the power in HubSpot wanting us to succeed as an agency."

Lance Cummins

President and Owner


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