Resourceful Marketing Gets 90% of Clients on Retainer as a HubSpot Partner

Resourceful Marketing was founded to help B2B companies to succeed with the inbound marketing methodology. It knew that the right partner program would be crucial to getting both itself and its customers on the road to success, and it investigated several, including Eloqua, Act-On and Marketo. However, the agency was most impressed by the HubSpot software and the support offered by the HubSpot Partner Program. Since joining, Resourceful Marketing has grown from a one person agency to a team of five, and has 90% of its clients on retainer contracts.


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Resourceful Marketing Team


Founded in 2015 in the UK, Resourceful Marketing is an inbound agency that works with clients in the B2B sector, particularly those in the technology space. It provides a range of individual services including website design, SEO, content strategy and sales enablement. It specialises in integrated inbound sales and marketing strategies and implementation. Resourceful Marketing is a HubSpot Gold Partner, and it uses the HubSpot software as a portal for collaboration with its customers.

A New Agency With an Inbound Agenda

Prior to setting up Resourceful Marketing, Beverley spent the majority of her career in B2B tech marketing client side working at Sony and other hardware companies. She recognized the opportunity and the difference that inbound and content marketing could make to tech start up and scale ups and so set up her own agency to provide outsourced inbound marketing to the rapidly growing tech sector.

“I founded Resourceful Marketing to help B2B companies, particularly those in the tech sector, to achieve more with their inbound marketing. Many of them were using multiple point solutions or concentrating on just one or two areas, and that was shortsighted. For example, they could be paying up to £1,000 a month for SEO consultancy, but they weren’t getting the results that justified that investment. Also they were very sales focused and not looking at the need to prioritize marketing to fill the top of their funnel.”

An all-in-one automation solution was the clear way forward, and Beverley looked into several, including Eloqua, Marketo and Act-On.

“They weren’t as easy to use as we wanted them to be, and that wasn’t ideal for our clients. They needed a solution that would work out of the box.”

However, the HubSpot software did appeal. It was full of features, and its drag-and-drop interface was intuitive.

“We were also impressed by the HubSpot Partner Program. It was clear that this was a company that cared about our success, and it was offering us all the guidance we would need to grow as an inbound agency. We signed up in 2016.”

"We saw how the HubSpot Partner Program could help us build momentum and become a real force in the inbound marketing sector."

Beverley Russell

Founder & Managing Partner

Resourceful Marketing

Giving Clients the ROI They Were Missing

Resourceful Marketing immediately began helping its clients to go all-in with inbound. While some were already aware of the methodology, others needed a bit more education, explains Beverley.

“We wanted them to realise just how transformative a holistic online approach can be. For instance, if they had previously used personas in their outbound marketing, we showed them how inbound would allow them to engage leads from first touch through to closed deal.”

Once it takes on a client, the agency can essentially become its outsourced marketing department, using the HubSpot software as a platform for collaboration.

“Many of the companies we took on had static websites that were impossible to edit; we changed that. We bring sites alive with Landing Pages, blogs, Smart Calls-to-Action and Smart Forms, and we nurture the leads we collect with Workflows and automated emails. We get our clients that return on investment that they have been missing.”

Resourceful Marketing recently moved its own website to the HubSpot COS, and digital content writer Greg Henley has been wowed by its capabilities.

“I hadn’t used the HubSpot software before, but it was so easy to pick up. I was used to working in Word, which wasn’t ideal for content optimisation. Now, I work with templates and get keyword suggestions and on-page SEO advice as I type.”

Beverley believes that all the coaching, support and training that HubSpot offers has been crucial to the agency’s success.

“Our HubSpot channel account manager helps us to position and sell our inbound services – he’s very knowledgeable and encourages and facilitates our plans for growth. He’s a great practical support as well, whether we want to create a quick demo for a prospect or set up an entire CRM.”

As a member of the Partner Program, Resourceful Marketing also has access to a HubSpot channel consultant.

“She helped us to onboard onto the HubSpot software ourselves and had a one-to-one session with every member of our team. She also makes sure that our clients continue to get the most out of platform. The great thing is that she is always available – we can just send her a message and she’ll get back to us within minutes.”

"As a HubSpot Partner, we can access a whole new range of skillsets. We’re a small agency, so that’s really important to us."

- Beverley Russell

Blazing a Trail as a HubSpot Partner

Resourceful Marketing now has nine clients on the HubSpot software, and it has become a Gold Tier Partner in less than 12 months. 90% of its customers are on retainer contracts, and the agency’s revenue has increased by 4X overall.

“Having that predictability of revenue is great. It gives us the freedom to plan ahead and pursue our vision for growth. When I started the agency, it was just me working from a home office; today, we have five team members. And although we’ve only just moved our website to the HubSpot COS, we’re already on track to increase visitors by 200% and leads by 4X by the end of 2017,” says Beverley. Obviously it also helps we are now a Gold Partner.

Resourceful Marketing’s clients are also reaping the benefits of the inbound method.

“We work with one company that were lucky if they got one lead a quarter online activities. Using the HubSpot software, we got them on page 1 of google increased visitors to its site and converted them into leads and drove them through the full funnel. It boosted its revenue by 2X in less than a year.”

The agency has also expanded its customer base beyond the technology sector.

“Although B2B tech clients are still our sweet spot, we are now taking on organisations in more traditional industries because we know we can help them. We have a surveying company on our roster now, and it has been amazed at the ROI that we are producing.”

Looking ahead, the agency plans to start offering even more inbound services, including sales enablement through the HubSpot Sales Pro software. Our newest team member is our Sales Enablement Partner who is a sales acceleration and CRM specialist.

“We are committed to growing our business with HubSpot, our ambition is to be the leading Hubspot combined inbound marketing and sales specialist and be able to help clients with their entire marketing and sales funnel. We also want to become a Platinum Tier Partner within the next two years. We’re very glad that we signed up to the Partner Program. Everyone in HubSpot is a real expert, willing to go the extra mile to help you solve a technical issue, advise on strategy or win a deal.”

"As a HubSpot Partner, we feel that we are part of a community, and we’re all trying to reach the next level of inbound together."

- Beverley Russell

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