Australian Rezdy Software Uses Marketing Automation to Increase Leads by 500%

Rezdy Software had limited resources when it came to both marketing staff and reliable tools. They needed to develop a content strategy that would drive leads, and subsequently nurture them.


increase in traffic


increase in leads

Rezdy Software Team

About Rezdy

Rezdy Software is a B2B company that provides online reservation software for tours, and attractions in and around Sydney, Australia.


Rezdy is a five-person B2B company that provides online reservation software for tours, and attractions in and around Sydney, Australia. As a young company, Rezdy’s biggest challenge was a lack of resources, from a shortage of marketing staff to a lack of reliable marketing tools. Along with time and resource limitations, Rezdy struggled with knowing what kind of content they should produce and how to optimize that content for search. They wanted to get to a place where they would have enough traffic and leads to sustain a strong lead nurturing program and drive sales. 

How HubSpot helped

Working with the HubSpot software Rezdy has been able to build a true marketing engine. With minimal staff, Rezdy now leverages HubSpot’s SEO tools to optimize their pages and blog posts, and get the best chance of ranking on Google, while saving thousands in SEO vendor costs. After the content is created and optimized, HubSpot social media saves the company time by auto-publishing each post to social media and measuring the effectiveness of each social channel at generating leads and customers. With Social Analytics, Rezdy can see what social media networks are worth their limited time.

Finally, because HubSpot has a network of certified partner agencies, Rezdy also was able to tap the expertise and manpower of G2M Solutions, a leading inbound marketing agency in Australia. G2M Solutions extended their capability and helped them generate a marketing plan that increased leads by 500% in their first four months alone.

What would you say to others considering HubSpot?

“HubSpot helps to find all of the elements needed to build a proper marketing automation engine in one product and saved us so much time because we didn’t have to work with five different products to achieve the same outcome.”

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