Pool Construction Company Reduces PPC Spending 50%, Grows Organic Leads

River Pools and Spa needed to focus on developing their online presence. They knew that traditional marketing strategies like radio, direct mail and yellow pages were ineffective, yet they didn't have a better solution to give them full control of their digital marketing strategy.


increase in organic web traffic


decrease in PPC spend

River Pools and Spas Team

About River Pools and Spas

River Pools and Spas is one of the largest inground pool construction companies in the country, serving Virginia and Maryland.

River Pools and Spas is one of the largest inground pool construction companies in the country, serving Virginia and Maryland. Marcus Sheridan, the company’s owner and blogger at TheSalesLion.com, has successfully used HubSpot's software to attract a loyal following and generate new leads for his business.

Challenge: Limited Control of Website Operations

Early in his career, Marcus grasped that the digital media were making traditional marketing strategies—radio, direct mail and yellow pages—ineffective. Though he had focused on developing his company’s online presence, Marcus realized that he didn’t have “the keys to his store.” As a business owner, he didn’t have full control over the 21st century’s most important marketing channel—his website.

Solution: Content Management System Integrating Blogging and Marketing Analytics

As Marcus started using HubSpot’s CMS, he felt empowered to develop content valuable to his customers. Without any prior experience in running a website, he took control over his most powerful marketing channel.

Marcus was thrilled bythe ease with which he could optimize blog posts and track his readers' behavior.

Using HubSpot’s lead intelligence plus marketing analytics, for instance, he gained insight into prospects' activities to identify high-quality leads. “I can literally get into their minds and see everything they have done,” he observed. Following visitors from page to page and evaluating the materials they have read helped Marcus decide how serious they were about closing a deal.

Results: Sharp Increase in Organic Traffic and Reduction in PPC Spending

  • Increased organic traffic 120% in the past three months
  • Reduced PPC spending 50% compared to 2009
  • Expanded blog readership to over 6,400 visitors and 260 subscribers in February

In February 2009, when Marcus first got started with HubSpot, his total organic traffic amounted to 176 organic searches per month. Today, a year later, his organic traffic has expanded to a total of 6,903 visits per month! In the past three months alone, his organic searches increased by 120%.

River Pools and Spas alsoexperienced tremendous growth in blog readership. So far, Marcus has accumulated a blog following of over 6,400 visitors and 260 subscribers, no small feat for a niche business.

The company’s steady increase in referrals, from 210 in October to 830 in February, has enabled Marcus to focus his attention on developing valuable content and drawing in organic leads. This led directlyspending 50% less on paid search compared to his 2009 PPC spending.

“It is unbelievable what happens when a business owner, who knows his business better than anybody, can start to let their creative juices just flow. That is what happened to me and that has all been because I finally had the keys to my business,” he said.

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