ROGETECH Partners with Latin American Agency, Agência Inbound and HubSpot to Increase Leads 12x

Because they are a very new company competing in an older market with established brands, ROGETECH needed a way to differentiate from all the other IT distribution companies. To make a splash in the industry, and get ahead of the competition, they partnered with Andre Jensen of Agência Inbound, a HubSpot partner agency. Andre set out to help the company generate leads and build brand awareness using an inbound marketing strategy.


increase in leads


increase in website traffic


unique visitors in first 12 months


ROGETECH is an IT distribution company founded in mid-2011 specializing in industrial barcodes, tablets and scanners. They sell their products through indirect channels, which include dozens of software, integration and ISV partners.


ROGETECH had an understanding of the market they were entering, but needed to focus on bringing in new partners and keeping them satisfied. They approached Agência Inbound with a goal of building brand awareness and providing leads to their external partners, which was rarely done in the IT distribution industry. At the time, ROGETECH had no email list, domain authority, followers or fans. Andre realized that he had to approach the challenge in a unique way, since they were starting from scratch.

“[HubSpot] has nearly all the sales and marketing tools you need in one place. For those of us who don't have 48 hours to work with, this helps maximize efficiency not only for us, but for our clients as well.”

Andre Jensen


Agência Inbound

Increase Brand Awareness

Andre and his team decided to prioritize setting up an online presence and creating SEO optimized content for ROGETECH. They created an online presence that would not only attract potential partners but also generate leads for current partners. Tiago Ferreria, Sales Manager at ROGETECH, wanted a strategy that would increase traffic exponentially.

“Our response was essentially that they need to focus on content creation, principally on the blog. Tiago, being somewhat resistant and doubtful to the fact asked how ‘blogging can actually increase traffic’,” Andre said, “I asked him to give us three months to show him some results.”

Since paid ads & Google AdWords campaigns were too expensive for ROGETECH’s budget, Andre decided to focus on building brand credibility by creating content. They used HubSpot’s Blog and Social Media tools to create and promote the sort of content that would bring traffic to their site, helping them engage with their end user, something that other companies in the industry were not doing. Tiago saw almost immediate results.

“We started blogging in mid-December 2011. The month of December 2011, they had 77 unique visitors from organic traffic,” Jensen said. “After just one month of blogging, they had 695. Two months after, 2,296 organic visits. Three months, they reached 3,454”

Their website and efforts in content creation, along with their promotional efforts on social media channels, especially LinkedIn where they could focus on specific industries, led to a 4000+% increase in traffic to their website.

Attract end-users leads to partners

As an IT distribution company, ROGETECH relies on external partners and vendors to sell their products. Because they were a new brand, they decided to take a more original approach to gaining new partners. The traffic to their website also led to a corresponding increase in leads being generated from the website. They used their blog & social media presence to educate current partners, attract end users to their partners, and gain new partners. On their blog, they center their posts around technology trends, IT distribution and tips for success in the IT industry. This way they have posts that are both industry-specific and appeal to the masses. One of their most popular blog posts, “What is the Barcode and How it Works” explains what a barcode is, goes into further detail about the mechanics behind it, and how a computer interprets it. Through their blog, they have established themselves as a trusted source for information in the IT distribution industry. As a follow up to their blogging efforts, ROGETECH has implemented a CTA on their blog, allowing consumers to download an ebook that complements the blogpost the lead was reading. The offer helps them not only extend the reach of their blog, but also allows ROGETECH to collect an email address, which generates a lead and promotes engagement across different marketing channels.

By appealing to their end users & customers, they are able to generate leads & clients for their partners, keeping them happy in the long run and helping ROGETECH develop more meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships along the way. Inbound marketing helped ROGETECH find their leads, providing them the exact information their prospects were looking for, optimizing it for search and allowed their leads to come to them. It gave ROGETECH the ability to appeal to potential partners in a unique way, as they were attracting customer to their partners through visitors on their site.

Results with HubSpot

Since partnering with Agência Inbound and HubSpot in 2011, ROGETECH has seen unparalleled results. They have increased their leads by 12x and traffic to their website by 15x. In January 2013, they reached 25,000 unique visitors and 84% of those were organic. After 12 months, they were generating 50 new leads per month and half of those became real opportunities. They improved their SEO dramatically, resulting in their being the first website on Google for almost all of the products they sell.

In the last year, ROGETECH approached, a market leader in Mobility IT solutions in Brazil to merge with their company. After reviewing their marketing strategy and seeing the success they had seen with inbound marketing, the two companies are merging to become MGITECH in January 2014. MGITECH will continue to work with Agência Inbound to reach their marketing goals.

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