Australian Sales Training Company Grows Sales and Increases Traffic 10X by Switching to HubSpot

Since 2008, SalesITV has been a leader in online sales training and face-to-face sales coaching. As a provider of sales and customer service focused video-training solutions to clients around the world, they traditionally relied on word of mouth referrals to generate new business. As they began to expand globally, they wanted to use their website as the primary lead generation tool for their business to scale. Their existing marketing platform limited their ability to execute campaigns and often required additional developer resources. In March 2014, they switched to HubSpot and have seen great success within the first few months because of its ease of use, 24-hour support team and wide functionality.


increase in traffic
within first six months


increase in leads
within first six months


revenue from inbound leads
within first six months

About SalesITV

SalesITV is the worlds leading online sales training company. Utilizing the best in technology, SalesITV delivers their sales and customer service training videos anywhere, anytime and on almost any device. Their proven methodology and techniques drive immediate sales results by empowering and supporting sales managers to be better sales coaches and train successful sales behaviour incrementally - embedding sustainable sales habits, building confidence and shaping a robust and profitable sales culture.

Challenges Prior to HubSpot

In January 2014, Adam Wiggins was hired to lead SalesITV's marketing team and discovered several inefficiencies in their marketing and online sales process. The marketing team was using Marketo for lead generation, nurturing, and scoring but found the system so difficult to use that they ended up doing these tasks manually. 

In addition, they had a long sales cycle where the sales team spent a lot of time researching, qualifying prospects, booking appointments and closing deals during face-to-face meetings.

To get up to speed, Adam studied Marketo’s learning materials and even went through private training. By March, it was clear to him that they needed to start looking towards other options and find a better solution to execute their marketing plans effectively.

“We were spending too much time trying to learn how to use other products rather than spending time doing our job,” says Adam.

They evaluated Eloqua, an enterprise marketing automation platform, before deciding to switch to HubSpot.  Adam solidified this decision by demonstrating HubSpot’s ease of use to their executive team. He shared, “We overcame any objections by opening Marketo and our HubSpot trial on two laptops and showing them what it would take to build a landing page on each... they were sold!”

"We had difficulty with Marketo as it wasn’t very easy to use and one needed some coding background, which complicated the use further."

Adam Wiggins

Head of Marketing


HubSpot's Integrated Apps Help Drive Leads and Save Time

Adam and the marketing team began working with their personal HubSpot Consultant to learn how to use the tools and develop a custom inbound marketing strategy to achieve their three of their primary goals:

  • Drive more sales for the business

  • Increase monthly website visitors

  • Hand high quality, marketing qualified leads to the sales team

Adam learned that content creation was a key element for executing a successful inbound marketing strategy. To establish a basis for their content strategy, Adam followed HubSpot best practices and customer resources to develop different buyer personas that represent the types of people SalesITV mainly markets and sells to. He uses HubSpot’s Personas app to segment personas according to their unique goals, needs and where they fall within a company’s organizational structure.

Next, Adam and his team incorporate their personas into new marketing campaigns and blog articles. They use HubSpot’s SEO, Blog and Campaigns apps to easily create new marketing campaigns that successfully drive new leads for sales. They are now able to get campaigns up and running quickly due to HubSpot’s ease of use and integrated platform of apps. Adam says, “It takes minimal time to upload and format a blog article into HubSpot. This allows us to spend quality time on what matters to our prospects and clients  - the content itself.”

His team strives to create at least one blog post per day that targets one of their personas. "The idea is to take that content and share across the most relevant social channel," says Adam, For example the article below directed at their Sales Leader persona resonates much more on LinkedIn than Facebook.


“The Social Media apps in HubSpot are a breeze to use as we can manage multiple accounts easily and disperse posts throughout the day based on best practices then measure results for maximum result,” says Adam.

By having all of these tools in one place, Adam and his team have been able to save countless hours executing their marketing plan and no longer have to rely on additional development resources to get their jobs done efficiently.  

"I've referred several people to HubSpot because it's honestly a better and easier to use product. Also, being in Australia, the free 24-hour support is a huge bonus in my eyes!"

-Adam Wiggins

Confidence Using HubSpot for Business Growth

Adam and his team now have complete confidence that their content is getting across to the right person, at the right time.  Unlike their previous marketing platform, all of their posts, pages and emails created using HubSpot are not only targeted at a specific segment of their audience, they’re also automatically optimized for responsive design. “It’s important our content feels customized and is mobile optimized since our target audience is constantly on the go,” shares Adam.

As a result of using HubSpot over the past six months, SalesITV has seen marked growth in terms of web traffic, leads and revenue generated.  On their website, traffic grew tenfold, leads increased 30% and as a result of inbound leads, they've generated over $80K in revenue since March 2014.

Adam elaborates, “the $80,000 in revenue was from just 3 closed deals that we wouldn’t have had an opportunity with, if we hadn’t brought on HubSpot and changed our strategy.”

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