Top Echelon sees Highest Revenue Month in 5 years with HubSpot Sales and CRM

Top Echelon is a B2B SaaS company offering recruiting software, tools, and services designed to help recruiters streamline the recruiting process. In December 2015, its President, Mark Demaree made a game-changing decision to give its sales process a complete facelift.

He realised that his reps were spending 70% of their day leaving voicemails that would go unanswered and the remainder was spent updating a complex, homebaked CRM system. Mark knew their current process was stifling the business’ growth so in January of 2016, he transitioned Top Echelon onto the new, easy to use HubSpot CRM. Since this change, they have dramatically reduced cold calling, halved their sales cycle, and had their highest revenue month in 5 years.


Rep's time saved every day


Halved their sales cycle

5 yrs

Highest revenue month in 5 years

Top Echelon Team

About Top Echelon

Top Echelon is a B2B SaaS company offering recruiting software, tools, and services designed to help recruiters streamline the recruiting process to save time and become more productive.

A Manual Process Prone to User Error

Before implementing HubSpot CRM, Top Echelon was using a combination of a custom built CRM and Google spreadsheets to manage their sales process. They used the home-grown CRM system to store their customer accounts which was hooked up to their accounting system, and they managed their day-to-day activities within the Google spreadsheet. The reps liked Google spreadsheets for its flexibility but soon realised there were two major flaws with relying on this app for managing their entire sales process. 

The first and most concerning issue for Tory Tucker, a seasoned Sales Account Manager at Top Echelon, was how easy it was for a lead to slip through the cracks. “It’s too easy for something to go wrong; a follow-up date not added or placed in the wrong cell, or even a contact record being accidentally deleted”. Tory says he is 100% confident he has lost deals as a result of this.

The second concern for Tory was how manual and time-consuming it was to maintain the process. When Tory came into work each morning, his first hour was spent performing search queries in the Google spreadsheet for all lead follow-ups that were due that day and populating them into his calendar. He then had to manually add in any communications he made that day, re-calculate close probability percentages, and add new follow-up dates for every lead in his name.

He was also jumping from tool to tool, performing his email in a separate app and going back into the spreadsheet to record the communication. Spending more time on administrative tasks than talking to their prospects meant the sales team at Top Echelon faced a very steep uphill challenge to hit their sales targets.

"Three months after implementing HubSpot I had my highest revenue month in 5 years"

Tory Tucker

Account Manager

Top Echelon

Making the Transition to a More Automated Approach

Already using the HubSpot Marketing platform, Mark got in touch with his Account Manager, Sam Belt to discuss implementing the HubSpot CRM and Sales Acceleration tools

Now, Tory’s new favourite thing is the Meetings app. He says it has been incredibly helpful and his team uses it every day. They love how convenient it is to send their availability to a prospect, making it really easy for the prospect to set up time to speak with them.


Tory told us that their first connect call will now go straight to a demo because of the Meetings app. Previously, they would make a cold connect call, have a conversation with the prospect about why they should get a demo, and then book another call for the demo at a later date. With the Meetings app, the team can now initiate a demo booking completely through email, which was a switch to how they had approached the sales process in general. The Marketing team at Top Echelon often leverage the Meetings app as well by adding links to a rep’s calendar in promotional emails.

Tory says: “My entire life since 2010 was cold calls; I could have been making anywhere between 70-100 calls every day. We haven’t made nearly as many phone calls this year." By leaning more heavily into email for booking demos, the sales team has freed up about 70% of their time. That has been extremely successful for Top Echelon because instead of talking to voicemails all day, they now conduct more demos and close more deals. 

"Instead of talking to voicemails all day, we now conduct more demos and close more deals"

- Tory Tucker

Cutting the Sales Process in Half

On top of the challenges that came along with manually adding data to an unreliable CRM system, the team at Top Echelon also realised that their approach to sales was overly complex and outdated. There were too many stages in their sales process and they were relying too much on phone calls to progress a lead forward. As a result, it could take days for a rep to actually connect with one of their leads, elongating their sales cycle considerably.

Tory explained how their old process involved researching prospects to find a company that might be a good fit, calling them cold, and trying to set another appointment for a demo. However, they worked with Sam to identify the key stages in their sales process and simplified their sales cycle down from eight stages to four. They were able to customize their deals dashboard in HubSpot CRM to match their new process which made forecasting much more accurate and eliminated the need to manually update close rates for each lead.

They also decided to switch to a more email-focused sales approach and forget about cold-calling. They were receiving inbound leads from the marketing platform so they had context as to where their leads were in the buying cycle, what they were interested in, and what pages they had visited on the website. The reps could now use this info to build email sequences and nurture their leads to the demo stage without ever picking up the phone.

The email integration with HubSpot CRM has been the biggest time-saver for Tory. Now his team is spending their time tracking qualified leads, sending them valuable emails, and when they reach out, the leads are warm. Their lead connect time has gone from days to minutes. Tory also loves that all of his activity is automatically stored within the system, saving him hours every week on admin.


The results speak for themselves. Within three months of implementing HubSpot CRM, Tory had his highest revenue month in the history of his five year tenure at the company.

"Our lead connect time has gone from days to minutes"

- Tory Tucker

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