ULCC Quadruples Its Leads and Doubles Sales with HubSpot

By 2015, ULCC had already dipped its toes into inbound marketing. However, it was using a variety of unconnected tools that weren’t producing the results needed; it was searching for a more integrated, user-friendly solution, and after researching marketing automation software, found HubSpot. Since implementing the HubSpot software, ULCC has quadrupled its sales-ready leads and doubled sales, while blog visitors have tripled month on month.


Increase in leads


Increase in blog visitors


Increase in sales

About ULCC

The University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) is a leading IT services provider, specialising in the academic and not-for-profit sectors. Established in 1968, ULCC has evolved into a highly respected and innovative brand. Services include IT infrastructure services, research technology services, digital preservation training & consultancy and Bloom, it’s bespoke virtual learning environment based on Moodle.

From Limited Tools to One Powerful Platform

Frank Steiner, Marketing Manager for ULCC has transformed the business' approach to marketing from outbound to inbound.

ULCC started to apply the inbound methodology to its marketing back in 2010 and began using MailChimp for emails, WordPress for blogging, Hootsuite to manage its social media, and Unbounce to create landing pages. However, Frank found that using separate systems wasn’t practical. Sharing data between each tool was a chore, and he wanted to focus on marketing not operating different tools.

Frank discovered HubSpot through online research and was delighted by the “practical, informative and actionable content.” After a demonstration of the HubSpot software, he was excited by what it could help ULCC achieve.

“I met with HubSpot and explained what I do, what I wanted to do and what my struggles are. After seeing how the HubSpot software could help our organisation we began the internal evaluation process.”

Frank looked at other marketing platforms, including Marketo, ClickDimensions and Hootsuite, but HubSpot emerged as the clear winner, leading the pack in terms of functionality, features and ease of use. It was, Frank says, “an easy decision to make”, and ULCC signed on the dotted line with HubSpot in mid-2015.

"From our very first discussion the HubSpot team has been helpful and knowledgeable – they get our industry. It was an easy and obvious choice to select HubSpot."

Frank Steiner

Sales and Marketing Manager


Engaging the Customer with Personalised Content

Frank describes the HubSpot onboarding process as well structured and painless. “The HubSpot team understood what we were trying to achieve and helped accordingly. We received consultancy and support that was tailored to our business.”

Frank was advised by his HubSpot onboarding manager that his first step should be to create customer personas, as these would help inform ULCC’s subsequent marketing efforts.

“We worked out the features that the various personas would be interested in, as well as their ‘pain points’. We have couple of key personas and created IT Director Dave and Archibald the Archivist," says Frank.

ULCC chose its Digital Archives and Research Technologies (DART) department to be the first to use the HubSpot software. The DART team were already blogging and producing content as part of their day-to-day work – now they could think about it more strategically and target the newly created personas.

They DART team used Smart Lists to further segment their contacts and added Smart CTAs to blog posts. Visitors and leads were pointed towards Landing Pages that featured content tailored towards their personas and then they were further nurtured through the marketing funnel with Workflows.

The customisation didn’t stop there. Frank uses the Campaigns App to set goals for campaigns and to find out what is and isn’t working. He can then change properties based on how visitors and leads are interacting with the website and the content.

The DART team has recently started to use the HubSpot Sales Platform. “Before, we had to use spreadsheets which was time consuming and lacked accuracy. The CRM makes things easy and is increasing alignment between marketing and sales. We love the free CRM,” says Frank.  

"Our teams can now quickly and easily understand how many leads we’re generating and see where each person is in the buyer’s journey."

Frank Steiner

Attracting Attention and Growing Revenue

Since implementing the HubSpot software, ULCC has seen some remarkable returns and doubled sales for its DART team. Its content is also attracting attention from its personas – one of its free courses, for example, has achieved a conversion rate of 26% and generates 60 new leads every month.

“Thanks to HubSpot, we are now able to measure engagement with our course content, create triggers and workflows, and make informed decisions as to how likely someone is to express interest in our paid for training and consultancy,” explains Frank.

Visits to its blog have tripled over the past six months and now average around 1,500 visitors per month. Overall, sales-ready leads have quadrupled, from 10 to offer 40, with the opportunity pipeline for its DART team standing at £250K.

Looking to the future, Frank wants to use the HubSpot software to scale up his marketing efforts across the company and all departments. “Our teams are experts in their respective fields and we plan to use inbound markering to share our expertise with the industry."

Thinking back to the disparate tools they used before implementing the HubSpot software, Frank likens them to “10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife!” For ULCC, the HubSpot software was that knife. It is a tool, he says, that enables them to become better marketers.

“I love HubSpot because it delivers outstanding results and saves me a lot of time. I have everything I need in one place and have full visibility on which marketing efforts work and which don’t. Anyone who is serious about content and inbound marketing should look at the HubSpot software,” says Frank.

"HubSpot has had huge a huge impact on our business. It’s helping us increase leads, expertly nurture them and enabling our sales team to have more impactful discussions."

Frank Steiner

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