WeDo Technologies Sees a 6.3X Increase in Customer Conversion Rate From Email Marketing With an Inbound Marketing Strategy

WeDo Technologies had always focused on email marketing to nurture and generate leads, but they lacked the tools to measure their efforts and engage with their contacts. They also needed to improve their online efforts through a better search strategy and by creating a conversion path for visitors to their website. They decided to search for a new marketing software solution to help them achieve their goal of becoming a leader in the industry.


increase in new contacts within 12 mos.


increase in website traffic from email within 12 months


increase in customer conversion rate from email within 12 mos.

WeDo Technologies Team

About WeDo Technologies

WeDo Technologies is the market leader in Enterprise Business Assurance, providing software and expert consultancy. They specialise in servicing the telecoms, retail, energy and finance industries. Known as the thought leaders in this field, they have built a strong worldwide community with over 180 customers. WeDo Technologies is based in Portugal with 12 offices across the globe.

Marketing Challenges

Before WeDo Technologies made the choice to utilise HubSpot’s marketing software in 2012, they knew their marketing had to change.

Sandra Almeida, Inbound Marketing Manager for WeDo Technologies, and her team had always focused on email marketing to nurture and generate leads. They wanted to leverage email marketing to engage with contacts, help educate their target market and establish WeDo Technologies as the thought-leaders in their field. But they lacked the tools to measure the success of their email marketing activities and show the impact that they had on the business.

Further, Sandra knew that she had to improve her ranking on major search engines and create a conversion path for potential leads who did find their site. Their site was just not being found for the main keyterms they needed to rank for. And even when a strong prospect would come to the site, there were no conversion mechanisms available to turn them into leads. These challenges were especially severe because Sandra didn’t have the analytical tools to provide a clear view of how any of their online efforts performed.

They aimed to find a tool that would help them keep up to date with the constant change in their environment, overcome their reporting and lead conversion challenges, and provide resources and support to make them successful. For WeDo Technologies, HubSpot’s marketing software was an ideal solution. 

"HubSpot has the essential tools to implement an integrated inbound marketing strategy. And it is always updating, improving and creating new features."

Sandra Almeida

Inbound Marketing Manager

WeDo Technologies

How HubSpot Helped

WeDo Technologies knew they had to change their marketing to an inbound approach in order to reach their goal of strengthening their online presence as the leader in their industry. With HubSpot’s marketing software Sandra was able to create and publish content that would ensure WeDo Technologies would be found online. But more than that, she was able to build conversion journeys on their website that would successfully convert visitors into leads.

Email has been at the heart of their lead conversion strategy. Working with Lists has allowed Sandra to create highly targeted email campaigns for each of her markets. Targeting based on industry is for example important to WeDo Technologies so they can approach each segment with a thought out message. The Workflow functionality has eased her workload by automating email follow-ups to events and other lead nurturing campaigns. Their own user group event for example receives automated reminders and information about the upcoming event at defined times all through marketing automation.

WeDo Technologies today runs a variety of email campaigns through the HubSpot Email Tool including newsletters, event invitations and product updates. What really makes the difference to WeDo Technologies is the ability to not just track the performance of each email and automated action, but also to see what effect these emails have on website traffic and online conversion. Because of their goal to be seen as thought leader, Sandra aims to convert leads but doesn’t want to be seen as pushy: “We like to send emails without them feeling like advertising. We don’t push to sell, we try to be informative and this has been working well.”

“We do a lot of testing with our emails – will an image work? Will this title perform? Do we need to add a different Call-to-Action? And the A/B Testing is a vital part of this.” 

In addition to A/B Testing, the HubSpot Analytics tool is one of Sandra’s favourites. It has helped her see the full conversion process across all her email campaigns, from new contact to customer, which has helped her to build knowledge about WeDo Technologies’ target market: “We know now that some of our contacts prefer a direct response over a click and that the more personalisation elements we add, the better responses we receive.”

"Hubspot has the right tools and team to help you reach your inbound goals, but you have to do the work and make sure you are open to learn, test, optimize your strategy and monitor your results."

Sandra Almeida

Inbound Marketing Manager

WeDo Technologies

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