Winners of Round 2, 2016

Inbound Growth Story

3P Creative Group

After only five months of working with this amazing software company, we were able to increase their website traffic by 44% (or 130% compared to the same period last year) and their number of leads by 90%.

However, even more importantly, their pipeline is filled now with well-qualified leads and potential deals worth 13 times more than compared to last year.

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By January 2016, HGP had transitioned its entire lead nurturing cycle to HubSpot, and Grain’s multi-channel acquisition strategy was helping them to achieve record results. In just six short months, the company had transformed its customer acquisition strategy and future-proofed its business.

Within six months, HGP generated 2,500 leads. This meant the company grew its revenue by 578%, and achieved an ROI of 3276%. Pretty impressive, right?


Sales Enablement

Imagine Business Development

In 2014 and 2015, MacNair hit a growth plateau and their playbook was no longer working. They simply weren’t generating enough qualified sales opportunities to generate enough business that would allow them to maintain, let alone accelerate, their revenue growth. At this point, Mike MacNair, CEO and President, realized that if they were to hit their $100 million revenue target, they had to change that trend. That’s when they brought Imagine Business Development in to assess their existing growth playbook, and design what was needed to reignite their growth engine.

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Graphic Design

Flying Hippo

As their inbound marketing partner, we have written and designed 24 gated content pieces, including an infographic, travel guides, various maintenance guides and over 100 blog posts with custom-designed images. By engaging in a long term inbound marketing strategy, Good Life RV has seen tremendous results and has sold more rigs that are now rolling down the road.

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Honorable Mention: Salted Stone

Growth-Driven Design

Falls Digital

With a 6-week turnaround for one of the largest tradeshows in the industry, time was of the essence for the website redesign. Novik’s previous website was generating a significant amount of organic traffic and it was critical to ensure the new launchpad website wouldn’t impact this traffic, especially during the tradeshow. In addition, Novik is located in Quebec, Canada, so the company was required to provide both English and French-language pages on their launchpad website – all within 6 weeks.

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Honorable Mentions

Integrations Innovation

Kuno Creative

Here, we take a look at how Just Add Ice—one of the nation’s top floral brands—used the Shopify and HubSpot integration with inbound marketing tactics to create an online shop and improve and streamline the consumer experience and increase revenue.

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Honorable Mention: The Kingdom

Website Design

Impulse Creative

The client wanted something that would have multiple ways for people to book, answer passenger questions, and give those interested a guide for their three destinations--Key West, Fort Myers Beach, and Marco Island. Many people who travel with them often stay the night in either Fort Myers Beach or Marco Island due to early departure and late arrival times. Those people needed a guide of places to stay, places to each, and things to do. We didn’t want to simply send them to another site to find that information or do a simple page with bullet pointed lists. We wanted to do something special and engaging, just like Key West itself.

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Since launching the website, we’ve gone from receiving two to three average leads a week, to two to three qualified leads a day. We’re not only getting requests to produce content and support agencies with inbound marketing tactics, but now have a steady flow of requests to support agencies that have sold growth-driven design retainers. So yeah, it’s working!

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Honorable Mention: You & Co Media