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Lead Registration & Notifications for HubSpot Partners and Providers

Learn the value and benefits of registering leads, and about the new Deal Registration system that'll eventually replace domain registration

What does it mean to register a lead?

You can request to register a lead within your partner account to establish your ownership of their potential sales process with HubSpot. These registrations are meant to be for leads that you have a business relationship with, who are interested in HubSpot software. You’ll be asked to include the client’s personal contact information, such as name and email.

Introducing Deal Registration

Eventually, HubSpot will replace domain registration with deal registration, which removes many points of friction for partners. Deal registration is used to highlight qualified software opportunities to HubSpot. What makes our tools different, is that registering a deal creates a shared deal that syncs between your portal and HubSpot’s. A shared deal is the deal record that's created in both the partner's and HubSpot's CRM when a deal is registered. To learn more, visit our deal registration page and take the new academy lesson.

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What happens after you register a lead?

Once you successfully register the lead, you’ll be the owner of the entire domain for a six month period. In that time, you’ll work with your HubSpot counterpart to sell HubSpot to the account. With successful completion of the sales process, you’ll earn 20% commission on the deal. Partners will receive “sold MRR” credit towards your tier. Additionally, if someone touchlessly purchases HubSpot at a domain you have registered, you’ll automatically get credit for the sale.

Will HubSpot communicate with my registered leads?

The short answer is, it depends. When you successfully register a lead, they're added to our database so HubSpot can confirm its availability and assign it to your HubSpot account manager. Because we then have personal data about your lead, we need to comply with data privacy laws and regulations like GDPR.


If the lead is located in the DACH region (Germany, Austria or Switzerland) and not yet opted into HubSpot communications, they’ll receive a double opt in notice from HubSpot immediately. This email will confirm that they approve of HubSpot having their data. They won’t get this email if they’ve previously confirmed their interest in HubSpot by verifying their email address with us.

EU (non-DACH)

If the lead is located in the EU (excluding DACH) or has an unknown location, they‘ll be enrolled to get our 30 day notice. This email will come from HubSpot 30 days after they’re registered to let them know that HubSpot has their data. If they opt into HubSpot communications in the first 30 days of being registered or we otherwise know that they’ve seen our Privacy Policy within this time, they won’t receive the notice.


Leads with a known location outside the EU won’t receive communications due to their registration. However, leads are in charge of their own subscription preferences, therefore they may get communications from HubSpot, like 1:1 sales communications from your channel account manager (CAM) or HubSpot marketing.

Neither of the emails to EU leads will say who specifically registered them, and we aren’t obligated to tell them the exact source of the data unless they specifically submit a request for this information. Regardless, if your leads don't know that you're sharing their information with HubSpot, receiving one of these emails may surprise them. To prevent confusion, make sure you’re transparent with your prospects. This includes having a robust and compliant privacy policy that informs your leads about how you use their data and how you share their information with your partners, such as HubSpot.

Why register leads?

Commissions & Tiering Credit

If one of your registered leads buys HubSpot, you will automatically receive revenue share (commission) for that deal. This is what we call “sold MRR” (monthly recurring revenue).

For solutions partners, this is one of the key metrics you’ll need to move up in tier.

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Behavioral Insights

When you register a lead, we’ll begin sharing insights we have about their company’s behavior on our website with you through our partner lead notifications. For example, we’ll notify you if someone from one of your registered domains requests a demo of HubSpot or views our pricing page. For data privacy reasons, you’ll get this information at the company level, rather than the contact level. 

Own the Sales Process

Registering a lead ensures that your prospects have one sales process. If you don’t register a lead that you’re pursuing inbound services with, it’s likely that they will request information about HubSpot, and their inquiry will be routed to our direct sales team who won’t be aware of your involvement. 

When should you register leads?

In general, you should register a lead once you’ve had a conversation with them and have established a relationship and uncovered a potential need for HubSpot software. These could be your prospects, or your existing clients. 

Keep in mind that not every lead you request to register will be accepted. Some of your leads may already be HubSpot customers, owned by another partner, or by a member of our direct sales team.


Specifically for leads in EMEA, consider that an email may be sent to your lead from HubSpot. For leads in DACH (Germany, Austria or Switzerland), this email will be immediately upon registration, so use discretion with who you register, knowing that they’ll get this email. 

EU (non-DACH)

For EU leads outside of DACH, if the lead downloads a content offer or completes a form on our website within those 30 days, they won’t receive the 30 day notice from HubSpot. For this reason, try to introduce HubSpot within 30 days of registration

Learn how to register leads

Sign Up for Partner Lead Notifications

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    Get notifications about your leads

    Enroll in partner lead notifications so that any time a lead registered to you takes a high-value action on HubSpot.com, you’ll get an email notification telling you about the action they took. This can help you get deeper and timely insight into your lead's activity, like what type of content they’re interested in, or that they want to learn more about HubSpot. For privacy reasons, you won’t know the exact individual who took the action, but you’ll get information about the company they work for.

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Contact your HubSpot sales contact to discuss lead registration and get your questions answered.