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Lead Registration & Notifications for HubSpot Partners

Learn the value and benefits of registering leads

What does it mean to register a lead?

Don't worry; registering a lead does not trigger any automated emails or calls from HubSpot.

Why register leads?

Commissions & Tiering Credit

If one of your registered leads buys HubSpot, you will automatically receive revenue share (commission) for that deal. This is what we call “Sold MRR” (monthly recurring revenue).

For solutions partners, this is one of they key metrics you’ll need to move up in tier.

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Behavioral Insights

When you register a lead with HubSpot, it DOES NOT opt them into communication from us. But, many of your leads are likely already in our database, and reading our blog or other materials. When you register a lead, we will begin sharing insight we have about their behavior with you, through our lead notifications program. For example, we will notify you if one of your registered leads requests a demo of HubSpot.

Own the Sales Process

Registering a lead ensures that your prospects have one sales process. Once a lead is registered and accepted, no one at HubSpot can reach out to that company except you and your Channel Account Manager (CAM). If you do not register a lead that you are pursuing inbound services with, it is likely that they will request information about HubSpot, and their inquiry will be routed to our direct sales team. To avoid a disjointed sales process, always register your leads early.

Which leads should you register?

Keep in mind that not every lead you register will be accepted. Some of your leads may be in our system and are already owned by our direct sales team. Being proactive and registering leads early increases the likelihood that the lead will be available.

Your current clients

This is low-hanging fruit. Register all the clients you currently have so that you can own any future sales with them too.

Your prospective clients

Register your prospects as soon as you have a selling opportunity. If they purchase HubSpot down the road, you’ll get the commission.

Learn how to register leads

In accordance with the GDPR, one additional field is needed in order to successfully register the lead.

What happens after you register a lead?

Don't worry, registering a lead does not trigger any automated emails or calls from HubSpot. It does allow you to receive insight on that lead.

  1. Get Notifications about your leads

    Enroll in Partner Lead Notifications so that any time a lead registered to you takes a high-value action on HubSpot.com, you’ll get an email notification telling you about the lead and the action they took. This can help you get deeper and timely insight into your lead's activity, like what type of content they’re interested in, or that they want to learn more about HubSpot. 

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Pretty cool, right?

Contact your Channel Account Manager to discuss lead registration and get your questions answered.