Connect Program Tiers

Building on top of HubSpot is so much more than an integration -- it's about growing alongside the inbound marketing and sales movement. That's why we've designed a tiers system that rewards and further accelerates mutual growth. Learn more about tiers and how to qualify below.

Why tiers?

The HubSpot Connect Partner Program is designed to enable mutual growth for both HubSpot and our integration Partners. We do this by running initiatives that help increase our amount of shared customers. The Connect Partner tiers system is one of these initiatives. 

It rewards integration Partners that have grown their shared customer base with HubSpot by providing them with benefits that leverage HubSpot's world-class marketing assets to accelerate their shared customer total even further. Read on to learn more about how the system is measured and the specific benefits attained at each tier.

How are Tiers Calculated?

Each tier has a benchmark requirement of installations by shared customers. A HubSpot Connect Certification is also required for Certified and Premier tiers. 

Tier Levels & Benefits

Below is a list of benefits we award Connect Program Participants at each level of their tier status. Have questions about your company's standing or looking to exercise a benefit? Send an email to the HubSpot Connect Marketing Team with your inquiry.





Requirements: 10 shared customers

  • Listing on HubSpot's Beta Integrations page
  • Exposure to the list of HubSpot Beta Testers
  • HubSpot Positioning resources and marketing materials


Requirements: 50 shared customers + HubSpot Connect Certification



Requirements: 500 shared customers + HubSpot Connect Certification


Our Premier Partners