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Skill Up Podcast

Skill Up is a podcast all about the changing landscape of marketing, sales, and customer service. 
Each season, we explore a specific topic — giving you expert advice, commentary, and strategies that lead to real business growth.
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Hosted by Anni Kim

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Anni Kim is an Inbound Professor for HubSpot Academy who focuses on educating the world about automation and platforms. When she's not behind the mic she's probably traveling the world in some top-notch sneakers and sampling all the local cuisine. 

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  • For our first season, we tackled search engine optimization — from featured snippets to voice search to international SEO and more.

    Our hosts, Inbound Professor Jorie Munroe and Director of Acquisition Matt-Howells-Barby dive in on what it takes to write content that ranks, build links, and drive more targeted traffic to your website.

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  • In this season, we’re looking at sales enablement and how you can align marketing and sales to close more deals. We’ll be tackling everything you need to know, from qualifying leads, to setting vision and goals, to drafting your sales and marketing SLA.

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    How to Develop a Sales Enablement Strategy

    Sales Enablement Vision and Goal Setting

    What is Lead Qualification

    How to Find Fit and Sales Readiness

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