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Free Malware Scanning

Defend against cyber attacks and help keep your CMS-hosted website safe with 24/7 malware scanning and a dedicated security team.

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  • This feature is available for free, with additional functionality in premium editions of CMS Hub. See the pricing page for more information.
    • Free 24/7 security monitoring and threat detection.
    • Dedicated security team monitoring all sites hosted on our platform.
    • Everything included out of the box, with no setup required from you or your team.


  1. Keep your business safe with free automated threat detection.

    Your customers put their trust in you when they choose to do business with you. Honor that trust by providing them with a safe and secure digital experience.

    With CMS Hub's 24/7 threat detection and malware scanning, your website and customers’ data will be automatically protected at all times. Premium hosting included for free, with features to help you ensure you have a secure platform on top of which you can build an incredible business website.


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  1. Focus on your customers, not security threats.

    It’s necessary to ensure that your website is always secure and protected from malware and online threats. But patching security fixes and installing plugins to protect your content takes your focus away from your customers. HubSpot provides automated security, threat detection, and scanning features. Work on your business without spending time detecting website malware threats.
  2. Extend CMS capabilities with over 1,000 integrations.

    Integrating the tools you use to run your business with your CMS creates a more seamless customer experience. But integrating third-party plugins can often lead to security breaches that leave your website and your customers' data vulnerable. HubSpot has a curated ecosystem of over 1,000 integrations, which ensures a safe and seamless integration between HubSpot and the rest of your business tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Malware scanning is a security measure that detects and removes malicious viruses and software from your website.

  • With CMS Hub, you’ll get free 24/7 security and threat monitoring out of the box that checks for malware that can compromise your website. This happens in the background while you manage and build out your website, allowing you to focus on your customers.

  • If your website does not leverage SSL, uses many unverified third-party plugins, and doesn’t employ a security monitoring service, it could be vulnerable to malicious attacks. If you choose to host your website on HubSpot, you’ll have all the features you need to build a more secure website without any additional fees or subscriptions to manage.